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Ex-DAYS Superstar Hogestyn: "I Offered to Go Back to My 1986 Salary"

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a revealing new interview up with former Days of Our Lives leading man Drake Hogestyn, who among many juicy tidbits, reveals he offered to return to his 1986 salary to stay with the sudser!

berg110809_2_ Yeah, but you’re not just anyone. You’re Drake Hogestyn — the male lead of the show.

DH: You can’t assume that — even if people tell you that you’ll be on the show until the cows come home. When you look at the show from a fiscal standpoint … listen, we all knew there were budget problems. When NBC cancelled a show [Passions] that they owned outright, we all immediately knew that DAYS was on the chopping block next because NBC doesn’t own our show. Looking at my character, even one as popular as John Black, the cost/benefit wasn’t worth it, obviously. And I can see why they made the decision to fire Dee and me despite the fact that I offered to go back to my 1986 salary.

You mean to tell me Hogestyn would have gone back to the start— no pass go, no collect  $1 million dollars— and Corday couldn't swing that?! Hogestyn also reveals The Young and the Restless passed on him for the role of Tucker McCall. For more from the man who brought Jason Bourne to daytime click here

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