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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Now this is the episode that should have followed Friday’s cliffhanger. It was full of good dialogue, good acting and lots of emotions, both positive and negative. And yes, despite the goodness of the show, there are a few negatives.


To start, despite the fact that Sonny shot an unarmed man, Olivia's lying seems to be the bigger crime.

Sonny’s constantly throwing “I didn’t know” out there, like that somehow justifies shooting an unarmed man. “If I had known he was my son, I would never have shot him. Of course, the fact that he was someone else’s son, didn’t alter my thinking in anyway.”

The police and Raynor showed up at Sonny’s house, hours after the shooting, after the evidence was destroyed. Lulu and Johnny saw the mess and saw Max clean it up. Max could be charged with aiding, abetting and hindering prosecution.

I loved the Raynor/Mac/Maxie/Ronnie scene at the PCPD. It was so silly, with about 17 different pieces of information getting thrown out there, all at once. Everytime someone opened their mouth, it was to say something that gob-smacked everyone else.

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I loved Lulu showing up at CarJax and tearing a strip off of Jason. Although I don’t know why she just didn’t call the hospital on her way, then she would have known where Dante was. Then I wouldn’t have gotten my lines of the day.

Line of the day:

Lulu to Jason:
“If Dante is dead, I hope you and Sonny burn in hell. Maybe I’ll just go to the hospital and then my next stop will be to the police to tell them all I know about you and Sonny."

I loved Lulu going off on Sonny the instant she saw him. I felt her reaction through all this has been better than Olivia’s. Olivia has taken a page from Sonny’s playbook with all the chest beating and “it’s all on me” crap. Yes it is, now shut up and punch Sonny in the face for shooting an unarmed police officer.

I loved that Johnny was there for Olivia, despite her not telling him about Dante’s paternity. And I liked the Maxie/Johnny scene and am hoping that it was a chemistry test for when Spixie ends. Hopefully, it will be as soon as Maxie finds out Spinelli’s involvement in the shooting of a cop.

I loved Kristina railing against her father and Morgan’s insistence that Dante is a good man and that Sonny was wrong for shooting him. I liked that Sam took her sisters home and that Carly tried to allay Morgan’s fears.

I loved Ronnie showing up to finish the job Dante started, arresting Sonny and that he didn’t let Sonny guilt him out of taking him away.