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General Hospital's Maurice Benard Wants Sonny to Become a Senator!

Wonderfully-rejuvenated leading man Maurice Benard revealed in an interview with Fancast's Sara Bibel that he wouldn't mind seeing Sonny Corinthos hitting the campaign trail on General Hospital.


Do you think there would be an interesting story to play if Sonny ended up leaving the mob as a result of shooting Dante? Who do you think Sonny would be without the mob?

We tried that already. But when we tried it before, it wasn’t written, really, to win. It was written not to succeed. I just don’t know how you can get him out. You get out and they kill you. That’s the way it works. It would be interesting to see what other profession he could try. I’ve always said maybe a senator.

What? A shameless, amoral career criminal who oozes good looks and charm going into politics? Nah, who would believe that!

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