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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


We can finally call him Dante! From now on, in this blog, he will only be called Dante despite my preference to the name Dominic. What’s Dante to do now that he has a daddy and a mommy who has been lying to him all these years? Well as I’ve mentioned here and on the Podcast, he’ll cover for the bullet to the chest and when it comes to his parental units, he’s not happy with either one of them. But let’s revisit the bullet to the chest. Dante knows that as a cop and an undercover one to boot, it’s one of the risks you take. Not to mention the mobly aspects of his undercover work. But what has Dante more upset? The fact that he let the good part of Sonny Corinthos under his skin. The good part? We GH fans know that Guza loves his mobsters with a heart of gold and Sonny Corinthos has been his poster boy for years. Dante may not like what daddy does for a living and how he goes about his business but he can’t deny that he’s witnessed him in action as a father and that he’s not half bad. Really Dante? Are we watching the same father in action?

Will Dante be able to have a father – son relationship with the godfather of Port Chuck? Will his siblings like their new big brother? Will Sonny ever pay for his crimes? It looks like he won’t be serving any time for shooting Dante and trust me; I shouldn’t be the only one saying what the hell is wrong with you Dante? That SHOULD be a running theme around town. Anyone remember when I said way back when that I would love to see Lucky and Dante partnered up on the PCPD? SPOILER has that Mac just may have an offer for Detective Falconari. Is it an offer Dante can refuse?

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What about Lulu? We suspected there could be trouble ahead for Luke’s daughter and Sonny’s son. Will Lulu be the only person in PC that Dante can turn to? Lulu stands by her man but at what cost? How will Lulu's love life affect Luke's friendship with Sonny?

Has hell frozen over? Elizabeth asking Sam for advice on how to reconcile with Lucky? Oh boy! There are certain people in PC that I can get behind the whole frienemy thing; Sam and Liz are not those people.

The new lady prosecutor… thank Jax for her arrival. He seems to be behind the ace attorney coming to town to prosecute Sonny who will go to trial according to RUMORS. Will Michael come forward and own up to what he did? He dished to the sibs today that he was the one to deliver Claudia’s fatal blow, will he ever get the chance to be Sonny’s hero? More on Jax… and Carly. I mentioned on the latest ABC Podcast that once Carly learns of his involvement she SHOULD be hitting the road Jack. RUMORS say she may be coming back and forth as she struggles with what to do. In the name of honesty, Jax MAY be telling his wife that he’s also behind the prosecutor which COULD put another rift in their marriage.

Stuck in the middle of all this… Morgan Corinthos. He likes Dante who is now his big brother. He has Michael to consider. His dad is going on trial for a crime that Michael committed in defense of Carly and Josslyn not to mention that his mother’s marriage to Jax is imploding due to Sonny’s troubles. Poor kid. Then we have Kristina who has some major daddy issues and a boyfriend that likes to beat her up. These Corinthos kids are in need of some MAJOR therapy. Anyone else think that this would be a really good time to bring Lainey back to the canvas?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Does Carly want to move into Jason’s penthouse? Are the fans the only ones that remember that there is an empty penthouse right across the hall? Elizabeth returns to the Chapel where Lucky and she exchanged vows many years ago. It looks like she loses it once again and passes out where Lucky finds her on the verge of hypothermia. Lulu does not want to be messenger girl for Dante and Sonny. Mac and Alexis? Will they get closer? When Dante figures out who really killed Claudia what will he do? Carly is of course on Team Sonny throughout his trial. RUMOR has it, they are writing in Rebecca Herbst’spregnancy.