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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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So it was another day in bizarro land where most of what Carly said and did made sense to me. It's never a good sign when I'm nodding with whatever Carly says and what she does doesn't offend me.


I loved that she didn't jump right away when Jason asked her to talk Sonny into jumping bail. For the first time, in a long time, she was thinking of her own family, Jax, Josslyn and the boys.

Line of the day:

Carly to Jason:
"Well maybe it's time for Sonny to deal with the choices Sonny made."

Stupid line of the day:

Jason to Carly: "Sonny won't be able to survive prison."

Perkie: Then maybe he should have chosen a different profession.

Going to Sonny to convince him to leave the country because "the kids shouldn't have to watch the trial" was not something I agree with. Maybe the Corinthos children need to see their father pay once for all the crimes that he's committed. Maybe Michael needs to see that this isn't the life to lead.

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Interesting line of the day:

Jason to Carly:
"It's just the three of us, you me and Sonny."

So, where does that leave his, oh so big love for Sam? As someone who doesn't hate Sam, I felt bad for her at that moment. It's a good thing she wasn't there to hear how little her precious Jason actually feels for her.

I'm still loving the Corinthos/Davis scenes. I loved that Kristina instantly was suspicious of what Michael was saying, believing that he'd lie for their father. I loved Alexis showing up and trying to help all four kids understand and accept what's happened. I'm glad that Carly is not the only one that has rapport with all four of them.

I loved the Lucky/Mac scene. Mac could relate since Felicia left him, ironically for Lucky's father. I hope Lucky takes Mac's advice, sobers up and puts Liz in his past.

Is it me, or has Ronnie suddenly become hot? Since Dante's been shot and the truth has come out that Ronnie is a cop, everytime he shows up, I sit up and take notice. Not in a Dante/Johnny/Patrick kind of way, but still.

There were good Dante scenes. He was sad and confused with Lulu and angry with Olivia. I love him to death, but I swear if he doesn't tell Lucky exactly what happened and how it went down, I'm going to be really mad.