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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Jana: She starts to zero in on Ryder and Daisy's connection. Daisy: The pyro keeps hustling Lauren.


Tucker: The rebel billionaire finds out someone's snooping into his past.

Victor/Ashley/Jack: Tucker gives Jack and Ashley bad news, he no longer owns Jabot. The Abbotts are shocked when they find out Victor had ahigher bid than them. Old Smilin' Jack is furious at Victor and thinks The Black Knight's participating in insider trading. Jack knows he had the highest bid and did so to ensure the family would get their company back. Victor comes by and tells Jack and Ash their services are no longer needed and to clear out their offices! Ashley's pissed off that after all the things Victor has done he would pull this move. Jack realizes the cease fire was all fake. Victor was hustling him. Victor then rubs in their firing by introducing them to a new employee, Gloria, the new ambassador of Jabot! Jack is livid Gloria's working at Jabot since she was the main reason the family doesn't have the company, pluse he feels having Glo Worm work there will ruin the brand. Jack informs Victor he isn't thrilled about Gloria's employment at Jabot. Victor lets him know Gloria's hiring is just the start of things to come. Don't expect the Abbotts to take this lying down.

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Billy/Victoria/JT/Mac: Billy and Victoria are both stuck in a New York airport. The duo decide to hang out in the bar. The Newman heiress gets pissed when the Abbott playboy gives her a copy of Restless Style.

Billy clues her in on the cover story being all about Adam. Back in Genoa City, JT and Mac are also hanging out playing board games. Later, Victoria heads up to be with JT on their wedding anniversary, but the Hellstroms end up fighting over Tucker. When their argument escalates, Victoria leaves upset and bumps into Billy, who comforts her.