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Deidre Hall on Frances Reid: "A Magnificent Teacher, Mentor and Friend"


Days of our Lives icon Deidre Hall spoke with TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco about the passing of Frances Reid in this week's Suds Report, sharing her memories.

"Frances, although the consummate actor’s actor, was far from the doughnut-baking, apron-clad wife of Tom Horton that most of America knew and loved. She was a saucy, wildly outspoken and politically incorrect woman. Frances was never shy about speaking her mind openly and passionately — even as we counted down to tape. She called it like she saw it, whether she was taking on the [actor’s] union, or critiquing your hairstyle. Mincing her words was never an option [or her style].

Hall continued, sharing her sense of loss.

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She earned the respect and admiration of her friends and peers with her candid approach to life, work, and philosophy. Whether you loved or feared her, you always respected her courage. Frances was a magnificent teacher, mentor, and friend. I feel a strong sense of personal loss as Frances makes her way to heaven, and know that we shall not look upon the likes of her again.