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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Well, it's official. I hate Olivia. Not in the I'll like her again by Monday kind of way. No, no, in the Reese/Courtney/Rebecca kind of way. It hasn't quite reached Sonny hate yet, but it's on it's way. Sorry Olivia, but the fire department called, they said your pants are on fire from all the lying. First, she tells the police that she didn't see who shot Dante. Well, ok, she technically didn't, even though she saw Sonny standing over him with the gun. So she can pretend she was telling the truth there, but really, she's splitting hairs. Then she says that she told Sonny to call 911, but she conveniently forgot to mention that she said, "You just shot your own son."


Ah, Dante...why? First off, shooting himself has got to be the worst thing he could have come up with. If the PCPD had half a brain and were using it, they would disprove that with a ballistic and trajectory report. Assuming no one thought of that, it just makes him look like an idiot if he had actually shot himself in the chest. Why not make up another lie about having no memory of anything once Sonny pulled out the gun instead. At least that would make a little bit of sense. And his explanation to Lulu didn't really make sense to me either.

I loved the Dante/Morgan scene. I was hoping we see something between them on screen and it didn't disapoint. The tears in Morgan's eyes when he asked if Dante being his friend was a lie, almost made me cry. I did lose it when he said he was happy that they were brothers and glad that he was still alive, before hugging. Too sweet.

There was some good CarJax stuff too. I was glad he wasn't backing down from his convictions. He just laid it out there, knowing she wouldn't accept it. I liked the Michael/Jax scene as well. 

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I don't understand why Carly thought it was a good idea to show up at Jason's with two kids in tow. There's already four people living there, JaSam and Spixie, so where does she think she and her brood are doing to sleep? Why not go to the hotel or to the brownstone with Bobbie? Things like that are just silly.

As board member, does Nikolas have the authority to suspend a nurse? He doesn't sign her paychecks so how can he do that?  Not that she didn't deserve to be told to take some time off, but it should have come from Pif, Steven or Monica.

It was an interesting Kiefer/Kristina scene. I'm not condoning his slap, but she was behaving a bit schizophrenic with the "my dad is horrible...hey, how dare you say he's horrible." 

It was good to see Lulu giving Olivia a hard time for the cover story.

Line of the day:

Lulu to Olivia: "It must be a gift to hypnotize the people you hurt the most to cover your ass."