James Romanovich Reveals TV Offer for 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Telecast

It looks like we're one step closer to finding out whether or not the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be seen on television. Associated Television International's James Romanovich revealed to On Air On Soap's Michael Fairman he has an offer to televise the telecast nationally!


As of today, I can tell you that if we go forward, I have a television offer for the event in prime time nationwide, PLUS a second run option on a sister broadcaster should we opt for this. We are still awaiting NATAS’ final decision about the venue and the concept. Oh, yes. There IS a concept that will be a first for the Daytime Emmys. If they agree, we’re in business. If they don’t agree, then they have a place selected that will most likely be for a non-televised event. It will then be our choice as to whether we want to produce it for television or not because ultimately when people see the show, they’re going to judge the production which will have our stamp all over it.

Well, I guess the Golden Lady is in NATAS's court! To read more of Romanovich's exclusive statement to On Air On Soaps click here.