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B&B Catch Up: Rapist On A Rooftop (Again)


Hope had a near miss when her car almost crashed, but we were spared a roadside tragedy like feeble Phoebe’s karaoke death. Instead, Hope walked into danger yet again when she decided to pay a call on photographer Graham. Graham “partied” with Hope by giving her wine, drugging her and then whispering freaky talk to her motionless body. It was creepy.

At the same time Nick and Sandy were at the police lab, getting test results. The test confirmed that Graham was indeed Sandy’s rapist (from five years earlier). They set off to confront him, unaware that he was with Hope.

Laugh out loud moment of the week came when Ridge demanded “five minutes alone with [Graham]” when he was caught. What you gonna do, Ridge? Take his measurements and design him an ugly prison uniform?

Super Nick swooped in and saved Hope from being violated by Graham, who ran off, hotly pursued by Sandy. Like the aftermath of Brooke’s rape, a rapist on a rooftop showdown followed. This time Ridge didn’t show up to electrocute the culprit. Graham taunted Sandy, pushed her to the floor and she kicked him in the privates. Before she could hit him with a metal pipe, Nick and Lt. Baker arrived. Graham was arrested; Sandy and Hope were both hospitalised.

Say 'ARGH'. Look at Ridge if that helps.  

Hope recovered in hospital with Brooke and Ridge at her bedside. She hadn’t realised that Bridget had been married to Deacon (her father) when she was conceived. She was also PO’d that she’d overheard Ridge saying she could be viewed as a “stain” on the Forrester name. (Gee, Ridge, it’s not like she dumped a dead body in the sea like you did. Isn’t that a little more demeaning to the great Forrester name?) Anyway, Ridge told Hope he loved her as much as any of his children. At least Brooke remembered that it was Nick who had now saved her life twice. Pregnant Sandy feared she might lose the baby. Nick said he had to come clean with Bridget and tell her the truth— that he’d been helping surrogate Sandy track down her rapist, and that Sandy was really called Agnes Jones (she lied because she’d been traumatised and wanted a new identity).

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    Talk to the hand, Sandy.       


    Talk to the hand, mother.

Joining Ridge on his high horse was Bridget, who told Nick that his loyalty should be with her, his wife, not Sandy. “It’s Katie all over again!” Fair enough, but then Nick was pretty much off the hook, and Bridget let rip on Sandy. Sandy, let’s not forget, had just confronted her rapist and was now hospitalised. Bridget came across as an insecure shrew when she told Sandy that it was now a business arrangement and nothing more. Sandy was just an incubator. Ouch.

It wasn’t only Bridget acting the fool— Sandy confessed to her cousin Whip that she was beginning to feel like a woman again; she was getting hot and bothered for Nick! He was her hero. Oh dear. I smell trouble.

Naturally, Brooke was standing behind the screen when Sandy said this and had some (rather hypocritical) words of advice for the surrogate. “You’re in love with my daughter’s husband? It’s not going to happen!” She should’ve told Sandy it was only Brooke that messed with her daughter’s husbands. You know they all end up getting it on with Momma Logan!