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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

Valentine’s Day Episode… Is everyone in the mood for love? Remember, this is supposed to be a standalone episode dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day where the lovebirds of PC can get their groove on. RUMOR has it Molly Lansing steps up her quest to bring Jason and Sam closer together by setting up a romantic evening. Lulu puts on a sexy red dress and meets Dante at the hospital which was RUMORED to be his release day. Scrubs were also RUMORED to be a part of the love fest and Spixie SHOULD factor in there somewhere however the latest is that Maxie is in an accident (not sure what day the actual accident occurs on). Is Lucky somehow involved? He's a drunk, of course he's involved.


Speaking of our off the wagon cop Lucky Spencer… He’s pulling a gun on Johnny! Apparently Lucky and Johnny are both at Jake’s when things get a little heated leading to Detective Spencer to pull his weapon. I mentioned in a spoiler blog a few weeks back that I thought this whole off the wagon thing was a set-up for Lucky to leave the PCPD now that Jonathan Jackson was back in Cowboy’s saddle. Many fans didn’t like Luke Spencer’s son as a cop to begin with but with JJ back in the role, I figured it was just a matter of time before Detective Spencer left the force for one reason or another despite my desire to see Dante and Lucky as partners. The TWIST that’s RUMORED to be coming up is that out of this argument turned gun pull at Jake’s will Johnny find a partner in crime? Lucky MAY just be what Johnny needs to bring back the Z-Family business. Fanfiction or Lucky’s inner-Spencer finally coming out? Either way, Johnny is ready to make a move against Sonny.

Hey, I might have had something to do with our break-up… The third time is not always the charm and Lucky realizes that maybe he’s not 100% innocent in the demise of his relationship with Elizabeth. Ethan helps Lucky come to this conclusion. Remember, Lucky finds Elizabeth passed out at their church and gets her to GH where Kelly Lee tells him and Nikolas that Elizabeth is with child. My timeline MAY be a tad off, so hang in there with me. Here we go with the Who’s the Daddy… can one of these mobsters shoot me now? Elizabeth does not take the news of her impending motherhood well and apparently I spoke too soon, Liz fans should plan on visits to Shadybrook. Steven, Nikolas and Lucky think that is what will be best for the mom - to - be. Really writers? I get that she’s having these mini-breakdowns and all but I am pretty much on bended knees here begging for a normal healthy pregnancy storyline. A happy, healthy, one that fans can get behind. One that some man or men do not need to ride into a damsel in distresses rescue. Oh and don’t forget Helena’s return. She is sure to have a field day with a possible Cassadine on the way.

Dante joins the PCPD! It looks like Detective Falconari accepts Mac’s offer and Lulu tells Sonny his son is taking the job. I mentioned last week that there SHOULD be a few people questioning Dante’s “official statement” about his shooting but will there be some of Sonny’s friends trying to get Dante to be endeared to some of Sonny’s finer qualities, you know his legal ones. Will Jason be jumping on the Dante-Sonny wagon? Uh, no.

A son tying to save his father… A boy crying wolf is what everyone hears. Michael tries to confess to Claudia’s murder to Mac but the PCPD commissioner thinks he’s only trying to save Daddy’s behind. Will Michael ever be able to deal with what happened that night in the cabin? Paging Dr. Lainey Winters STAT!

Scrubs… Besides their SUPPOSED part of the V-Day escapades they’ll also pop up in the Sonny-Dante story and the Lucky-Elizabeth-Nikolas triangle. Robin is one of Sonny’s friends who want Dante to know the man that she knows, not the criminal he’s been investigating. Patrick is not that happy with his wife’s involvement in Sonny’s life. Really? Last week you were all about Sonny when it got you in to the fancy surgery on his kid. Robin is also sticking up for another friend when she doesn’t find Nikolas to be quite the demon that everyone else does. Steven is RUMORED to bar Nikolas from seeing Elizabeth and the whole mess is SUPPOSED to make Scrubs realize that they are lucky in love. I’m sure this is all just in time for Dr. Lisa to muck it all up. Does anyone like her?

RANDOM and CRAZY… How does Ethan factor into Lucky and Johnny’s maybe story? Ethan just might be giving his big brother the push he needs. Is Ethan still headed for trouble where Kristina is concerned? Marriage proposals? RUMORS say plural and one of them is Nikolas wanting to make an honest woman out of Elizabeth. Let’s make sure it’s your kid first, ok? Mac and Alexis get caught lip to lip. Was I right? Are they already setting up the Olivia-Carly love fest friend fest to end? Is Helena the reason Elizabeth freaks? Lucky warns Hells to stay away from Elizabeth. Liason Fans… there will be a scene outside of Kelly’s that Lucky happens upon. Jason is ordered to not make any moves against Dante. Will Alexis defend Sonny? Olivia and Dante both have to take the stand. Kate sighting? Maybe. RUMOR has she learns that Sonny knows the truth.