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Jillian's Days of our Lives Spoilers


Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: Stephanie gets a letter from Melanie who asks her to deliver it to Nathan. While at the hospital, Stephanie reads the letter and is livid at its content. In the letter Melanie confesses her love for Nathan. Later, Steph comes upon Nathan, who is three sheets to the wind and ready to tell Melanie he loves her. When she brings up Melanie, he shuts Steph down and says he doesn't want to know anything about Melanie. Stephanie decides not to give Nathan the letter. Steph is conflicted but at the same time feels justified in her actions since Melanie slept with Phillip and ruined any chance of them getting back together.

It irks Stephanie to know Melanie's about to marry Phillip, but still wants Nathan. Stephanie tells Melanie Nathan didn't read the letter and he's washed his hands of her. Melanie is devastated, but still goes through with her wedding to Phillip. Steph is determined to get Nathan to forget all about Melanie while she's on her honeymoon with Phillip. Later, Nathan and Stephanie hit the sheets while on a ski trip.

Daniel/Chloe: The songbird is over the moon after finding out she's having a baby. Chloe doesn't fill everyone in on her big news because she wants this baby more than anything and doesn't want to jinx it. She keeps the news from Daniel, but shares her secret with Arianna after she drops her pregnancy test on the pier. Chloe fills Arianna in on how she's feeling and Arianna assures her Daniel will be by her side every step of the way and encourages her to tell him.

After she takes her tests and they come back positive, she tells Daniel about it and Dr. Feelgood's ecstatic about the news. Chloe goes to Phillip and Melanie's wedding, and while she's there she becomes sick and leaves, bumping into Nathan. Nathan tells her he's there to speak to someone. Chloe deduces he's there to talk to Melanie. She convinces him to leave well enough alone. Daniel and Chloe's joy turns to sorrow when Chloe loses the baby. Daniel's there for Chloe during her time of need.

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Carly/Vivian: Carly figures out Vivian knows Melanie's her child after talking to Kate. Carly goes to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Melanie she's her mother, but slips ona patch of ice and cracks her skull. Victor stumbles upon her and calls 911 for help. Carly is rushed to the hospital. When she comes to she finds Bo in her hospital room and has no memory as to how or why she got there. Bo fills her in on being at Victor's and leaves. Carly remembers talking to Kate about Melanie and Vivian. She tries to reach Bo, but is unsuccessful and decides to head back to Victor's. Unfortunately for her, Gus kidnaps her and they head off to a warehouse.

When Carly awakens, Vivian spills her plans for Melanie via laptop. Madame Alamain lets Carly know she's going to snuff her daughter out. Viv shows Carly a video clip of Vivian placing a comb in Melanie's hair. Carly is unaware the comb has been poisoned. Carly is hellbent on saving her daughter from Vivian. She gets in a tussle with Gus, eventually getting the upper hand. Carly texts Vivian, as Gus, instructing her to comne to the warehouse. Later, Vivian shows up and the two have a showdown where Vivian tells Carly she poisoned Melanie's comb.

Carly starts to strangle Vivian when Hope shows up and says the combs were switched out by Victor when he discovered her plan. Hope books Vivian. Gus wakes up and pushes some crates onto Hope and Carly. While the women are trapped, Vivian flees and tells Carly she's going to kill Melanie. Carly becomes frantic and attempts to get free so she can protect Melanie.

Arianna: She sticks up for Rafe.

Rafe/Sami: The couple grows farther apart. Meanwhile Rafe is pushed to fill Sami in on new developments.

Hope: She gets Justin mixed up with Bo.