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One Life to Live Spoilers


Welcome to another edition of my One Life to Live spoilers. Don't forget Gina Tognoni makes her return asKelly Cramer on Friday, Feb. 12. So, with that said, I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of February 8!


Natalie/John/Jared: The explosion and the cold are only making Natalie's delusions worse. She's so far gone she now believes John is Jared. To keep Natalie alive, John pretends to be Jared. John gets a little carried away with his impersonation of Jared when he kisses Natalie after she asks him to. Natalie lives in Jared land for a while as John looks back on his relationship with Natalie. Soon after,  Natalie begins to snap back to reality and quickly becomes conscious of what happened between them. She starts to apologize, but John confesses  he still has feelings for her. Natalie confesses the same. The two lovers agree to forget the whole thing happened, but soon find themselves in another lip lock, this time both in their right mind!. Marty, who has been searching for John, finds him right as he and Natalie kiss. How will Natalie and John handle their old feelings?

Danielle/Destiny/Matthew: Danielle and Destiny call a truce and try to be friends. Destiny tells Matthew she's ready to accept being just friends with him.

Mitch/Jessica/Brody: Mitch's diabolical plan to create "The Chosen One" with Jessica reaches a new level this week.  As Mitch tries to begin to make a child with Jessica, she temporarily regains her senses and starts to fight him. Naturally, Mitch is prepared for something like this and drugs her. Mitch is about to seal the deal with Jessica when Brody shows up to save the day. Brody and Mitch have a scuffle but it is broken up by crazy Nurse Charles. She goes after Brody and does a good job of keeping the ex-Navy SEAL on the ground. Mitch composes himself and starts after Brody. It looks like it's curtains for Brody until Fish shows up in the nick of time to save him. Brody attempts to get Jessica to safety but she doesn't remember him. Mitch feels this is the best time to torture Brody by revealing that he has been erasing Jessica's memories with electroshock treatments. Later at the hospital, Jessica's diagnosis doesn't look good. How serious is Jessica's condition?

Dorian/Charlie/Mel/Adriana/Kelly: Mel pays Dorian another visit. She attempts to justify her plan to kill Mitch, but Mel isn't having it. He has a good talk with her and touches her heart like only he can. Dorian realizes she has to stop Charlie from killing Mitch. Meanwhile, Charlie is en route to make sure Mitch sleeps with the fishes. Charlie reaches Mitch's lair and is about to pull the trigger when Dorian shows up out of nowhere. She wants to call a truce with Mitch. In response to Dorian's peace offer, Mitch reveals that the outcome for one of her beloved girls will soon be disastrous.

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Flash forward to Adriana bumping into Kelly in Paris. The cousins get swept away in catching up with each other's lives until a mysterious yet handsome stranger sends them two glasses of champagne. Will Dorian be able to save her girls?

Gigi/Stacy/Rex/Schuyler: While in labor, Stacy ends up passing out in the snow and things don't look good for her. Rex comes close to finding her but is unsuccessful. Just when things are looking extremely grim for Stacy, Gigi shows up and somehow gets her sister back to Viki's cabin. Gigi wants to know the truth about Stacy's baby's paternity after Stacy's story of how she got out there doesn't add up. Before Gigi can tear into her sister, Stacy goes into full labor. Gigi is forced to help her sister deliver a beautiful baby girl. The two name the child, Sierra Rose, to pay homage to a happy memory from their past. The sister's joyful moment is short-lived as Gigi notices something isn't quite right about Baby Sierra. To save her niece's life, Gigi goes out into the blizzard, with Sierra, to get her help. However, Gigi and Sierra soon find themselves in a world of trouble when the frozen lake they are crossing begins to crack beneath them.

In the meantime, Rex finds Schuyler and the two talk. Rex gets right down to business and demands that Schuyler explain why he is listed as the guardian of Stacy's baby. Rex pesters Schuyler until Schuyler blurts out Rex isn't the father of the baby. Schuyler finally admits that he is the father of Stacy's baby and begins to explain the whole scheme. The explanation does nothing but send Rex into fury and he begins to pummel Schuyler. Once again, Fish comes to rescue and saves Schuyler from Rex's wrath. After calming down, Rex wants to expose Stacy and Schuyler's lies to Gigi. Will Rex get the chance to tell Gigi the truth?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (February 15th):

  • John and Marty have it out
  • Things get worse for Gigi and Sierra Rose
  • Mitch's wrath continues to be felt
  • Kelly can't find Adriana