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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Apparently there's a little town called Delusion-ville. The mayor is none other than Sonny "you're my kid so we have to bond, even though there's a gaping hole in your chest" Corinthos. Of course, the deputy mayor is none other than Elizabeth "I was happy banging your brother, but what will my life be like without you in it" Webber. 


Kudos to Dominic Zamprogna.

Dante was so bang-on in everything he said to Sonny. I was cheering at almost every line that came out of his mouth and shaking my head at almost every line that came out of Sonny's. Sonny actually believes and expects, almost demands that Dante be interested in a father/son relationship despite the fact that he shot him with the intent purpose to kill him. The only good thing is that Dante is an adult so there will be no custody battle and Dante can ignore him as long as possible. 

Lines of the day:

 "The fact that your my father means nothing to me."

Dante: "It makes me sick to know that I'm connected to a low life like you."

Dante: "This changes nothing. I still have a badge and you're still a criminal."

Sonny: "But I'm your father."

Dante: "You're everything I despise."

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Lulu was another one that was hitting all the right marks today, especially in her conversation with Olivia.

Olivia: "I told the police I didn't see how Dante was shot."

Lulu: "Sonny admitted it to you, but I bet you never mentioned that."

She also tore a strip off of Sonny when he showed up in Dante's room. 

Lulu: "You're worst than garbage. You're a murderer."

Sonny: "I didn't know he was my son."

Lulu: "It was okay to shoot him when he wasn't your son?"

Just as I was getting tired of seeing Lulu in that dress and wondering why no one was bringing her a change of clothes, along comes Maxie. That final scene of Lulu in the shower, crying and slowly falling down the wall, was beautifully done.

I'm disapointed in Lucky. Yes, Liz cheated with his brother, but he is still a father to those two boys and he needs to climb out of that bottle and tackle his responsibilities. No, they are not "her" boys, they are being raised by both of them and he needs to get his butt off that bar stool and step up.

I actually liked the Jax/Michael scene and the point he made when he asked Michael how far he'd go to protect Morgan and his sisters. I wish Jax would take his daughter from the mob killer's place and go home with her. 

Stupid line of the day:

Sonny to Olivia:
 "Dante's a cop who was going to arrest me because he didn't know I was his father."

I'm so glad she reminded him that he was being arrested for killing Claudia and not because of his super sperm.