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Poor Little Bitch Girl, Jackie Collins' 27th Novel Goes On Sale Today!!!

The most soaptastic novelist since God wrote the bible, Jackie Collins is releasing her 27th book in the United States today, and to say I am a little excited would be like saying CBS is a little trigger happy when it comes to cancelling soap operas! 

Collins' latest bonkbuster, hilariously-entitled Poor Little Bitch Girl, revisits the world of the unstoppable Santangelo crime family. Only this time it isn't lady boss Lucky Santangelo—my favorite female fiction character ever—who's the center of attention, it's Lucky's son Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous, son of late billionaire shipping magnate Dimitri Stanislopolous, and Lucky's wild child daughter Maria "Max" Golden, who sex and scandalize their way through the pages of what is sure to be another raunchy Collins scorcher.

Poor Little Bitch Girl introduces three new characters into the Santangelo universe—Annabelle, the daughter of Hollywood royalty, who runs a high-priced call-girl ring in New York with her cokehead boyfriend; Denver, a nymphomaniac attorney, who defends Annabelle's father when he is charged with the murder of Annabelle's mother and Carolyn, who's carrying on with a married senator. All three girls grew up with Lucky's son Bobby and share sordid pasts with the sex god. 

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A friend bought the novel for me on pre-order, so it should be waiting on my doorstep when I get home. Let's just say if you hear about anyone getting mowed down on a dark, Southern street tonight it's because they got in my way on the drive home! After the jump, check out the splashy, retro opening from the hit 80's NBC miniseries Lucky Chances (which combined Collins' first two Santangelo novels), starring Nicollette Sheridan as Lucky, Vincent Irizarry as Gino, Eric Braeden as Dimitri, Leanne Hunley as Eden, Michael Nader as Enzio, Phil Morris as Steven, Grant Show as Marco and a young Sandra Bullock as Maria Santangelo. If Fronsie buys the distribution rights to Lucky Chances and puts it on SOAPnet I promise I will never break another ABC Daytime scandal again! (Fingers, toes and all other crossable parts crossed).