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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Helena Cassadine and Anthony Zacchara in the same episode? Woohoo! Now, if only we could get them in a storyline together.


Ok, I think Elizabeth has officially lost her marbles. She went back to Luke's, even though he basically told her before that he was done helping her. She loses it over the Valentine's poster, claiming that this one will be worse because Lucky won't be with her. Yet, there were many Valentine's Days that he wasn't with her. Last year, the year before that and the year before that. So I don't know why that's being brought up at this time.

She bumps into Sam at Kelly's and has one of the strangest conversations that made me shake my head. "So Sam, how did you get Jason to forgive you after he saw you boink Ric? I just need to know so that I can use the same tactics with Lucky." What?

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She goes to the hospital and abuses her friendship with Patrick and Robin by guilting them into putting in a good word for her. Then goes back to Kelly's (why? she was just there) and loses her mind again. What's a Liz fan to do?

I don't like when they have Patrick and Lisa discussing his sex life. It's just - ick.

We haven't seen Spinelli since Dante's shooting and as soon as we see Spixie we're back on the Franco thing with no mention of the fact that the information he dug up is what caused Dante to be shot in the first place. Ugh. Here's hoping the Franco talk is done.

Why would Kristina go to Jason for information on Sonny? He's kind of biased in that area.

I was so hoping Johnny would get out and stay out. But no, they have to have him turn into his father. Why Johnny, why?