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Paul Rauch on Darius McCrary "Audition Was One of The Greatest The Network Had Seen In 20 Years"


Lord in the morning.... On Air On Soaps'Michael Fairman interviewed The Young and the Restless executive producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell and co-show runner Paul Rauch where the duo opened up about when they feel they know an actor is the right fit for the part.  

MICHAEL:When the two of you are in auditions together, do you know immediately when the right actor walks in for the part you are casting?

MARIA: We have been really in sync, such as the character of Daisy. When Yvonne Zima came in to read for that role, it was like, “Wow, did she pop!” She made us go, “Oh, my gosh. She is fantastic!” You just feel it…. that everything we have talked about in regards to that character, and then that person walks in, you know it. It was also true of Darius.

PAUL: The Darius McCray audition was one of the greatest the network had seen in 20 years.

MARIA: The quality of the actors that were up for the role was extraordinarily high. Everyone who came in for the final audition, and there were four in the finals, they were all fantastic. They were all very different from one another, and in the end, it was about this kind of special quality that Darius had. We just felt that “Star Quality”.

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