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Sherri Shepherd's Ex-Husband Wants Her To Shut It Down About Their Marriage


Uh oh! The View'sSherri Shepherd is in hot water and this time its with her ex-husband. In an exclusive with, Jeff Tarpley, Shepherd's ex has written an open letter about the ABC gab queen's habit of constantly using their divorce—and what led up to it— as material for discussions on The View, her self-titled Lifetime sitcom and for her stand-up comedy act. In the letter Tarpley says,

Having a relationship and children with a person in the limelight— someone who gets to express her thoughts, beliefs, opinions and grievances to the world on a daily basis — is not an easy proposition.

Sherri Shepherd, to whom I was married for 8 years and have an amazing son with, has openly discussed and distorted details of our marriage for close to six years following our break-up. To this very day, my name is consistently dragged through the mud at her every opportunity. Sherri, don't you think it's time to move on?

Sounds like someone's a bit salty! For more from Tarpley's letter click here.

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