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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


So it’s starting already. The whitewashing. Trying to make the audience understand how it’s okay that a criminal shot an unarmed police officer who was arresting him. Yes, poor sad Sonny had a bad childhood and the only career he could get was criminal. Pull out the violins, he had a crappy childhood. He justified it that he was basically stuck working for Joe Scully because he owed him, but at some point, Joe Scully died and Sonny could have gotten out and reformed, but he didn’t because he loved the money and the power. He loves it more than he loves his children. So the sob story doesn’t work on me, and even though it didn’t seem to work on Dante, let’s hope it remains that way.

Line of the day:

Dante to Sonny:
“Prison is full of lowlifes with crappy backstories. It doesn’t excuse anything.”

I hate that it looks like Dante will lose his job over this stupid lie and it’s being written so poorly. There’s no way Raynor would have the authority to fire an NYPD officer and I’m sure whatever union that’s in charge of police officers would likely have a say in that. Maybe Dante needs to hire Alexis to defend him as he sues for wrongful dismissal!

Carly, don’t you have children to raise and a marriage to work on instead of spending all your time trying to help your ex-husband flee the country?

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Oy Liz, I think Lucky has the right to be a wee bit cruel right now, all things considered.

As crazy as Helena is, I find it hilarious that only she would see the silver lining in Nikolas having an affair.

I loved Helena showing up at Liz’s, but why did Ethan show up (other than to be the one to get rid of Helena)? I loved Helena’s crack about giving Liz a discount if she decides to go the anti-depressant route!

I love Scrubs, but I don’t believe they would make out in a hospital closet considering the amount of precautions they need to take regarding her health status. I especially don’t believe that they would forget to lock the door. Lisa needs to stop stalking them with that creepy look on her face.

I love that Michael went to see Mac, but I fear that Mac won’t believe him and will think Michael’s just confessing to save Sonny.