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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Casting news came out this past week… Former GL star Bradley Cole is coming on as Kiefer’s father. So far it’s only for a few episodes. We’ll touch on the actual storyline later on. The other casting news is that Maya Ward finally got a face. Annie Ilonzeh has been cast, but who will she be mixing it up with? RUMOR has it, it’s a Spencer! We had heard she might be ruffling Lucky’s feathers, but Lucky is a little busy with a cheating fiancé and betraying brother. That leaves one Spencer son available to mix it up with Maya.

Speaking of the betraying brother… Now that the psycho granny is back in town, what is in store for the Cassadine Clan? I mentioned the possible delay of the Valentin story while they try to figure out where it fits in. Could the possible delay  be a little more certain? I heard that Constance Towers MAY only be signed on to be at Prospect Studios for the current storyline. How do you tell a huge Cassadine storyline without Helena?

Lucky, Elizabeth and Nikolas… Do both brothers want to propose? Nikolas does and it looks like Lucky will feel that marrying Elizabeth and raising the baby with her is what will be the best in the end. Will Luke be as sure about Cowboy’s plan? Remember when the whole affair/Liz is losing it started I mentioned that this is most likely going to be a way for LL2 to get back together?

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Luke and Sonny… so a few weeks back there were some questions about Luke and Sonny being at odds over the Kiefer/ Kristina/Ethan storyline that was RUMORED to be coming up. That MAY happen to a very slight degree; however, Sonny will be a little preoccupied with a murder trial. Remember, when Kiefer next puts his hands on K, she will reportedly put the blame on Ethan which has been RUMORED to be at Kiefer’s urging. At one point, it SEEMED that Sam was going to see through her little sister’s lies but will that be the case?

Promises of a JaSam story? Sam fans have been hoping for that long RUMORED Who’s Sam’s Daddy storyline. Don’t be surprised if that one stays a RUMOR. What will their story be? Well it looks like with Sonny on trial, someone needs to watch his brood and who has always been enlisted to babysit Sonny’s kids? Jason Morgan. With Sam back in Jason's life look for the two of them to team up and with Kristina being Sam’s sister, she’ll obviously have her own role in that storyline. But will she and Jason be at odds over Kristina’s tales?

How does Kiefer get Kristina to spin the tale in the first place? Apparently by pulling on her heart strings. Bradley Cole comes on as his abusive father. Kiefer recounts for K his abusive childhood that made him be the way he is. Looks like someone at GH was paying attention while the Chris Brown/Rihanna abuse saga played out in the tabloids and on gossip sites. Look for the beating Kristina lies about to be a frighteningly brutal one.

Hey Big Brother, help Dad out… Michael and Morgan want Dante to help Sonny. Will he? Dante is still determined to take Sonny down at all costs. Carly also appeals to Dante with one of her “plans.” How about you come up with a plan to save your marriage Carly? Jax thinks Carly and Sonny slept together, again. No worries CarJax fans, she will tell him the truth this time, but will she admit to her estranged hubby that she wants to make their marriage work?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Sonny’s legal woes are getting worse. Johnny wants to make Sonny pay and he’ll make a move, soon. Is Johnny taking Ethan under his wing? Will Sonny try to plead guilty by justifiable homicide? (I’ve always wanted to do that! LOL) Spixie declares their love. Lucky has a warning for Helena. Who else is giddy with anticipation over a scene with Constance and Jonathan Jackson? Don’t forget, Maxie and Lucky crash! Mac and Alexis swap spit. Will Jason ever see Dante as Sonny’s son or will he always view him as a threat?