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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers


Adam/Phyllis: Big Red arrives back from Boston with some juicy news. Phyllis finds out about Dr. Taylor's molestation charges from his past. She fills Nick in on this tidbit however, he tells Phyllis to put the brakes on her digging expedition and tells her about Adam's part in crushing Tucker. Phyllis decides to ignore the warning her husband gives and she sets off to fill in Neil and Ashley about Dr. Taylor. Ash is horrified by the news. Adam and Sharon return from their honeymoon and Phyllis promptly starts goading Adam on what she knows. Sharon is shocked by the news and is not willing to take what Phyllis has to say at face value. Adam starts to realize the game he's playing may be over for him.

Katherine: She hits paydirt on information that can destroy Tucker.

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Kevin: He goes to his family for help.

Cane: A mysterious person swoops in on his rebuilt life in Genoa City, which may blow everything in his world apart.

Cassie: Her spirit returns to guide someone in the right direction in March.

Daisy: She schemes once again when Lauren tells her to go back to the dorms. Daisy spills coffee on the floor in order to harm herself so she can stay with the Baldwins.

Jana: She tries to convince Kevin that Ryder and Daisy have a past, but he doesn't listen. She takes her half of Ryder's photo and the other half that Noah swiped from Daisy and does some digging online. She finds out the little boy Max disappeared and thinks Ryder and Daisy are involved.