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Ken Corday Gives Details About DAYS Remembering Frances Reid


Days of Our Lives showrunner Ken Cordayrevealed in an exclusive interview with Soap Opera Digest how the show will deal with the passing of Frances Reid and her character. Corday says,

We'll most likely have an internal memorial service for her sometime in the next month, he says. The way we're going to deal with her death on screen is we're not going to one day walk downstairs, as it was with Mickey, and say, ‘Oh, Grandma's dead' and then have a day or two where everyone comes to the show and we have a funeral and you cut to Marie for one line and Doug and Julie for one line and it really becomes 'lip service' to such a great character. So, what we've decided to do is we will play her as being ill and the end is coming and one by one, characters who loved her dearly or are related to her, from the past, will come to the show and 'visit' with her. You can start to imagine the list."

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