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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu and Dante make me smile. They are just so adorable together. Her bringing him some clothes to change into and then leaving again to get some Valentine's stuff to celebrate was very sweet.

As I figured, Mac didn’t believe a word Michael said and I guess I can’t blame him. He seemed so angry about it too.

I loved the Mac/Dante scene and the fact that he offered Dante a job. I’m not sure that I’m happy about him asking Dante to investigate Michael, who’s now his brother.

I do NOT want a Carly/Sonny reunion and I hope that’s not where they’re going with this whole thing.

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I find it hilarious that Helena wants Nikolas to have another child when he doesn’t even acknowledge or pay attention to the one that he currently has.

There was another good Lucky/Ethan scene, but I felt Lucky was falling into hypocrite territory. Everything that Elizabeth did with Nikolas was horrible. She should never have accepted Lucky’s proposal if she had feelings for Nikolas and she should have never touched Nik once she accepted the proposal. She deserves whatever Lucky dishes out for the Niz stuff. However, it’s not the same case with Jason. Lucky threw in the “she climbed 14 flights of stairs in a blackout” line, but what he conveniently forgot to mention to Ethan was that she climbed those stairs because she had just seen him in bed with a teenager. I’m not saying Liz would never have slept with Jason, but she certainly would not have slept with him THAT night if not for Lucky’s own sins. So Lucky, say what you will about evil Liz and evil Nik, but you have no leg to stand on before that.

I loved the L&L flashbacks. They looked so young and tiny back then.

Well JaSam, way to corrupt the next generation of kids. Yeah, let’s involve 11 and 12 year-olds in a cover up instead of telling the truth. Although at this point, the only people who don’t know that Michael killed Claudia are Mac, Dante and Alexis. I love these well kept secrets.

Line of the day:

Molly to Jason:
Why did there have to be this big cover up? Isn’t it way more trouble to break the law than to follow it?”