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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

Donna: Mrs. Honey Bear gets upset over comments made by Eric and Thorne. Donna takes it out on Steffy.


Eric: He makes a shocking announcement and pitches a proposal to Stephanie.

Whip/Stephanie: Stephanie revels in the situation at Forrester which also has the Logan girls out of power. She and Whip are roped into Brooke and Taylor's drama when Brooke attempts to convince Taylor to her way of thinking.

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Ridge: He makes sure Dollar Bill departs from Forrester in a huge way.

Brooke/Taylor: Doc lets Logan know what she thinks about Brooke's success at Forrester. Taylor makes a choice afterwards. Later, the two women have a heated confrontation over Ridge (yet again) which winds up in a fight.

Nick: He makes a kind gesture to Stephanie prompting her to take a trip down memory lane with her time at Jackie M. Later, Nick extends and invitation to Agnes for dinner.

Bridget: Her hatred reaches an ultimate high when she lashes out against Agnes once again. Afterwards, Agnes falls right before Bridget's eyes.