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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Maybe it’s my Dante love making me biased, but I’m loving all things Lulu and Dante. I loved that not only did she get all the Valentine goodies, but she also dressed up for him. I loved the look on his face when she took off her coat and he saw that dress. Yowza! l love all the little nuances like bringing him soup because he can’t eat solid food yet or not wanting their first time together to be in a hospital bed. When she moved the bags off to the side and turned to look at him, he threw her a smoldering hot look. There is excellent chemistry between those two.

I liked the Mac/Dante conversation with Dante saying he thinks Mac’s just hiring him because of his new found family. I think there will be conflicts in that area, especially if they’re not all resolved with Sonny getting away with murder. There are interesting conflicts with Lulu too, considering the amount of time that Luke spends on the wrong side of the law.

Jax seemed in an awful hurry to charge Carly with cheating on him with Sonny, considering all they were doing when he walked in was hugging. The speed at which he called a divorce attorney also surprised me. Clearly this fight will not be repaired that quickly. I also like that he asked Olivia to set up a room for Jocelyn and informed Carly that she could let the boys be around Sonny, but Jocelyn would not be thrown in that world.

I like Spixie but I’m really tired of the same conversation, day in and day out. They have a scene, she goes on about Franco, he says he’s forgiven her, then she’s all humbled that he loves her enough to forgive her. The next day they have a scene, she goes on about Franco, etc. At some point writers, you’re going to have to think of a new story for these two.

How exactly does one get hypothermia while sitting inside, with a coat on? I didn’t understand that. Also, when Lucky was sitting by Liz’s side and he referenced “that” Valentine’s Day and how he found her, it almost comes across as Lucky sees the night of the rape as some sort of conquest and it’s kind of icky.

I know Lainie isn’t the best doctor in the world, but shouldn’t test results be told to the patient only, with some confidentiality? I know it was done so that both potential fathers could be shocked by the news, but still.

I’m not a fan of JaSam’s, but I did get a laugh out of the absolutely pinkness of that penthouse. It's so typical of teenage girls to go to extremes and just make the decorations so outlandish.