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Happy Belated Valentine's Day From Web Soap, Downsized!

Kevin Earley and Julie Ann Emery, the good folks behind one of webivision's best dramedies, Then We Got Help!put me on to a new web series they thought I might like. It's called Downsized, and they were totally right! From creator/star Daryn Strauss, Downsized tells the soapy story of a group of seemingly-unconnected people who are all dealing with the after effects of massive layoffs, due to the state of the U.S. economy. Think HBO's Hung meets Up in the Air, only worthy of the hype. Check out the tragically-funny first episode above—complete with a sock puppet efficiency expert— then breeze through the rest of the season up to date, ending with episode nine's special Valentine's Day installment, below!

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