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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers


Carly/Melanie/Vivian: At Phillip and Melanie's reception, Madame Alamain puts her plan into motion to take Melanie out. Vivian lures her to the roof by saying she wants to talk to her about her mother. Carly's hot on Vivian's trail and heads to the roof also where she spots her on the verge of clubbing Melaine over the thunder dome with a iron rod. Hellbent on protecting her daughter, Carly shoots at Vivian, but Melanie decides to play hero and jumps in front of Vivian and takes a bullet to the chest! A horrified Carly goes into doctor mode and tries to save Melanie, who's rushed to the hospital.

Carly is hauled off to the cop shop, but takes a trip to the hospital to have her injuries to her arm treated. She demands to see Vivian. Phillip tears into her for shooting Melanie. Bo tries to soothe Carly and assures her Vivian will get nailed for what she did. Victor fills Bo in on it being Carly who plugged Melanie. Carly confesses all and admits she trying to take out Vivian in front of a room full of people. Bo is strongarmed into booking her and promptly bails her out the nest day. He fills Carly in on Melanie getting out of surgery, but that she is still unconscious. Carly is unable to visit Melanie due to her bail conditions. She sneaks into Melanie's room anyway, and starts speaking to her about the time she was pregnant with her and how much she loved her then and loves her now. Carly gets up to leave but hears Melanie waking up. Melanie is not too thrilled to see Carly in her hospital room.

Daniel: He insist Chloe talks to a therapist.

Carly: She tells Melanie she's her mother, and asks Bo for help.

Chloe: She opens up to Phillip.

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Anna: She pitches a new plan to EJ.

Victor: He confesses his true feelings for Vivian.

Hope: She tries to pump Victor for information about Vivian.

Sami: She finds Rafe with his defenses down.

Stefano: He's given the heads up on Rafe's mistrust.

EJ/Sydney/Sami: EJ steps up his plan against Sami by taking Sydney's clothes covered in blood to the river. The investigators find them and Rafe fills Sami in along with EJ. Sami leans on EJ wihle they run the DNA testing and they come back conclusive. Sami is devastated, along with Rafe, who believed they would get Sydney back. Meanwhile, EJ revels in Sami's heartache and justifies to himself what he's doing to her as payback for what she did to him.