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Wouldn't it Be Hot if OLTL Did a Web Soap Starring Snoop and Tika Sumpter?!

The Doggfather Returns. Look for Snoop D-Oh-Double-G to make his return to trip to Llanview, PA on  Feb. 24. Word is, Snoop Dogg appeared on Fraternity Row, the sudser Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods) once produced, before heading out to Cali and finding A-list success as a rapper.

Wouldn't it be hot if One Life to Live created a 13-episode, seven-minute web soap spinoff featuring Snoop? The guy has more than proven his love for the genre, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to convince him to headline his own limited-run sudser. Perhaps Snoop's record company would split the production costs with ABC Daytime, since it would give them a chance to promote his new CD Malice in Wonderland? Heck, why not just name the sudser after the record?

Possible Story Arc: What if Snoop taps Layla (Tika Sumpter) to be his personal assistant on tour? Imagine all the soapy entanglements Ms. Williamson would find herself in on the road with Snoop and his raunchy entourage. While in this new "wonderland", Layla, smarting over Cris (David Fumero) being so involved with Messica's (Bree Williamson) drama back home, enters into a flirtation with Snoop's sexy tour manager (Think: Rhasaan Orange or Lawrence Saint-Victor). She also catches the eye of Snoop's Alpha male record executive (Antonio Sabato Jr.), who is turned on by Layla's immediate rejection of his advances, and vows to possess her at all cost— much to the chagrin of his volatile, pill popping former supermodel wife (Mckenzie Westmore).

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Meanwhile, a psychotic groupie, who has been obsessed with Snoop for well over a decade— following a one night stand— is stalking the tour (Wouldn't Victoria Rowellbe a hoot in this role?). The groupie spies Snoop hugging Layla backstage after a performance. Misconstruing the situation, she decides Layla must die. Enter Llanview supercop John McBain (Micheal Easton), and Snoop's homeboy Bo, who head to LA for the last leg of the tour to save the day, after being summoned by Snoop, who doesn't think the LAPD has a clue. McBain crosess paths with a red hot former flame, who is now a take-no-prisoners LAPD detective (Wendy Moniz, anyone?), who resents him encroaching on her turf. Or does she?

ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons would be able to repackage all 13 eppys into an hour and a half TV movie which could be syndicated on MTV, BET or TV One, or sold in the lucrative, urban Direct-to-DVD market. Just a thought! WATCH ONE LIFE TO LIVE!