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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


So much for that stand alone Valentine’s Day episode… the interruption however was worth it just for the Diane scenes alone! Hysterical! Kudos to Carolyn Hennesy but should we the fans be a little worried? Ms. Hennesy took to her Twitter today and gave this tweet,

Okay...BIG auditions today. Say prayers...all of you. Por favor! Now, go and be brilliant your own bad selves.

In other Carolyn Hennesy news did you know her hubby landed a guest stint in Port Chuck? SPOILER has it Donald Agnelli plays a biker at Jake’s.

How about more on Alexis and Diane teaming up? Alexis and Diane team up to defend Sonny! Diane tells her BFF you can join me at the defense table as my co-counsel as long as you join my practice. According to RUMORS, Alexis accepts and the pair hires Sam as their official private investigator on the case. Will Diane get Sonny to plead not guilty? Yep!

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Kelly Lee sighting! Now if we could only see more of her. Elizabeth is pregnant, who’s the daddy? Some are saying it will be Nikolas’s baby, I say it better be a Spencer! I know, I know, Helena is there and ready for another kidnapping well we’ve got a few months before that can happen and remember my caution about the Valentin story. Constance Towers so far is only signed on for this current run, at least from what I’ve heard. Could they tell Valentin’s story minus Helena? Anything is possible but do we really want them to? Side Note: It looks like Matt Borlenghi took on a movie project as well.

Speaking of Hells Bells… She isn't done tormenting Elizabeth yet. Helena will take another stab at getting under Elizabeth’s skin while she’ in Shadybrook and it’s a Prince to her rescue. Is that enough reason for the fans to conclude its Nikolas’s baby? Loved the line last week about the Cassadine’s controlling interest in many pharmaceutical companies, now if we could just get a nod to history on how Elizabeth has one upped Helena in the past.

Remember… Both of Laura’s boys think they should do the right thing and wed Elizabeth. Does Lucky really want to be saddled with another kid that isn’t his?

Dante… I love him. Loved Lulu and Dante’s Valentine’s scenes and expressed my concern that even too much of a good thing can be too much. Has this boy had a day off? Remember I mentioned that Jason will struggle with seeing Dante as anything but a cop and it looks like the two are facing off on the roof of General Hospital. Who else is Dante facing off with? Claire the Prosecutor. She is RUMORED to “grill” Dante on the witness stand.

Are Olivia and Johnny OVER? Johnny is ready to run the family business and Olivia makes it loud and clear she wants no part of it. Does that mean she wants no part of Johnny? Don't forget, Ethan becomes Johnny's wingman. I can just hear Edward Quartermaine now. Maya hooked up with Luke Spencer's son who is a con man and a wanna be gangster!  

I can’t stand her… but apparently Steven likes her. Steven Lars Webber asks Dr. Lisa whatshername out on a date. Is Patrick a little jealous?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Is someone else with child? Who COULD it be? Lisa and Patrick are having a good old time at Jake’s until Robin shows up. Does Lisa think Patrick changes in his wife’s presence? Did Scott Reeves sign on for four years? Johnny shot? That was one of the scripts floating around when news of Maya coming to town first hit. Is she patching him up in or out of the hospital? When Carly finds out that Jax had Claire brought to town will that be the final draw? Will Elizabeth and Sam share another scene? Maxie has some advice for Lucky when it comes to Elizabeth. Jason sets it up for Sonny to leave town. Robin and Patrick just don’t see eye to eye when it comes to Sonny. Are there wedding bells for Jason and Sam?