Melanie Smith and Lisa Peluso Debut on Tonight's Gotham

I am really starting to equate those first few episodes of Gotham with the pre-Heather Locklear installments of Melrose Place (the FOX version). Sure they struggled, but once the show hit its stride you forgot all about that awful blonde girl with the fake Southern accent, or the socially-relevant trip through a riot-torn L.A.

Martha Byrne's passion project continues to build momentum in tonight's episode that sees the debut of Melanie Smith (ex-Emily, As The World Turns) as Catherine's (Byrne) slightly bitchtastic sister Claire and multiple soap vet Lisa Peluso (Search for Tomorrow, One Life to Live, Loving, Another World, As The World Turns) as Richard's (Michael Park) botox-obsessed, almost ex-wife Veronica Manning. Can I just say I LOVE these glitzy, soapy vixens, with their glitzy, soapy names, and their glitzy, soapy hair and wardrobe?  This wee ones is how soap femmes looked pre-Peapack. Let this be a lesson to you. Glamour counts!

FYI : That's Byrne's own niece, Carolyn Byrne playing Richard and Veronica's substance abusing teenage daughter, Rachel. Move over Julia and Emma. Another good week for the Gotham gang!