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One Life to Live Spoilers

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Hello Everyone! I'm back with some great February Sweeps One Life to Live Spoilers. A death, a confession and sick child shake things up in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of February 15th.


Kelly/Adriana/David: Kelly and Adriana very happily drink the champagne given to them by a mysterious-yet-handsome stranger at the café in Paris. The cousins good time is cut short by a message from Dorian stating they are in danger. They chose to ignore the message and get to know the handsome stranger, Emile, better. Adriana ends up leaving with him just as Kelly gets a call from Cassie that puts merit in Dorian's claim of their imminent danger. Kelly begins to freak out and calls David to help her search for Adriana. They start at the café and pull some serious trickery to get Emile's credit card receipt. Kelly and David eventually find Adriana and it is a jshocking sight. Exactly what do Kelly and David see when they locate Adriana?

Marty/John/Natalie: Marty flies into a rage when she sees John and Natalie kissing. After receiving a tongue lashing from Marty, Natalie tells John he should go work things out with Marty. John takes Natalie's advice and has a talk with Marty. Will Marty forgive John for kissing Natalie?

Jessica/Brody: Viki, Clint and Brody nervously wait for an update on Jessica's condition. They soon find out from Greg that Jessica is stable healthwise. They are relieved to finally get some good news, but the time has come for Brody to reveal the truth about what Mitch did to Jessica. He gently lets a horrified Viki and Clint know about the electroshock therapy Mitch performed on Jessica. Soon after, the three of them visit Jessica who recognizes Viki and Clint right off the bat. However, Brody isn't so lucky because Jessica thinks he is a stranger. Brody is crushed but believes Marty can help Jessica remember him and other things. Marty agrees to examine Jessica and the results are unsettling. How much affect did Mitch's treatments have on Jessica?

Dorian/Mitch/Viki/Charlie: Mitch slyly informs Dorian that the outcome for one of girls will be disastrous. Mitch's threat frightens Dorian so much she calls every one of her girls to warn them of the possible danger. Meanwhile, Mitch continues to stick to Dorian when he tells Viki that Charlie was working with Dorian to kill him. After some thinking, Viki figures out the whole story and confronts Dorian. Viki tears Dorian a new one and even puts some of the blame for Jessica's shooting on her. Dorian attempts to defend herself by stating she did everything in order to protect her girls from Mitch's wrath. Viki is still upset with Dorian but leaves to confront Charlie. Soon after, Dorian removes Lowell from office which has no effect on Viki's feelings of anger. From there, Dorian goes to Todd's to confess the truth to Blair, Starr, and Langston. They almost forgive her until she gets to the part about Charlie. Once again, Dorian's girls walk out on her. Alone, Dorian appoints Eli as her and Charlie's lawyer as she is en route to make things right with Charlie. Dorian sincerely apologizes to Charlie for the whole ordeal but he owns up to his actions.

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At the hospital, Charlie admits to Viki he accidentally shot Jessica while trying to shoot and kill Mitch. Viki is shocked and the two have a heart to heart. The conversation doesn't end well when Charlie walks away and Viki can't bring herself to stop him. Will Viki and Charlie's love survive this latest huge bump in the road?

Langston/Ford/Blair/Cris: Langston can't get Ford off her mind and sneaks into his office. Once she enters, she finds Ford sleeping there and the two chat. The chat only lasts for a short while because the duo end up in a toe-curling kiss. Before things can go any further, Langston is forced to leave when she receives a message telling her hurry home. Once at home, Langston admits to Blair what just happened with Ford. While Blair gives Langston advice on Ford, Cris is on the other side of town telling Ford the dangers of having an affair with a student. How long will it be before Ford breaks Langston's back?

Schuyler/Rex/Gigi/Stacy/Kim/Sierra Rose: The ice gives away underneath Gigi and Sierra Rose and Gigi falls in. However, before Gigi is completely submerged she somehow gets Sierra Rose to Fish. Once the baby is out danger, Gigi slips under the water. Rex and Schuyler work side by side to get Gigi out of the freezing water. The succeed but she isn't breathing and Schuyler administers CPR. It works and Gigi regains consciousness. Simultaneously, Stacy who has left the cabin and Kim to search for her baby, views this scene from a short distance. She rushes to reach the group and falls into the thin ice. The group sees Stacy fall into the ice and know they must rescue her. Rex quickly jumps in the water to save Stacy while Schuyler and Gigi hurry to get Sierra Rose to the hospital. Rex reaches Stacy but he is too late and she is already gone. Soon after, Rex finds Kim and tells her about Stacy. Kim falls apart on Rex upon hearing the news. Rex consoles Kim but ends up letting all his anger out on her. Kim, being Kim, doesn't let him get away with this and rips into him for mistreating Stacy while she was still here on this Earth. After having it out with Rex, Kim visits the frozen lake to say a tearful goodbye to her best friend.

In the meantime,  Schuyler and Gigi get Sierra Rose to the hospital where she is immediately admitted to the NICU. While they wait for a diagnosis, Schuyler tells Gigi about her sister's fate. The doctors reveal to Schuyler and Gigi that little Sierra Rose has a congenital heart defect and needs emergency surgery. They agree to the surgery and Schuyler steps up as Sierra Rose's father when the doctor asks about parental consent. Will Sierra Rose survive the surgery?