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All My Children Spoilers!

Now that All My Children and Luke have sucked me back in, I am going to take a crack at some AMC Spoilers. All it took was Greenlee’s return from death’s edge with revenge on her mind!


Here’s the Scoop!

Luke and I have said we like Greenlee and David! I’m a firm believer that the love of Ryan’s life is and will always be Gillian and Greenlee’s is most definitely Leo. I’d like to see Greens and David take a walk down that aisle of revenge and see where it goes. SPOILER has it they try again to get married. Will they make it to “I Do?”

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The groom held hostage? Looks like David needs to get out of Erica’s clutches first! The two battle it out while Erica has David tied up, literally. Erica can thank Tad and Jake for her captive audience of one. Are Erica and David's respective “significant others” still debating their relationship? Yep! Ryan wants Greenlee to admit her love for him. Remember Ryan, your girl is still recovering from her motorcycle ride over a cliff so be ready to catch when she passes out in your arms. Greens admits she'll always carry a torch for Ryan but that the two will never have a future together.

Speaking of passing out… JR is also taking a dive but thankfully Tad is there to catch him. Will they find a bone marrow donor? SPOILERS say they will and the Chandler family couldn’t be happier at the news. Adam is not his son’s donor; he can’t even get tested much to his dismay. So who’s the donor? JR wants Tad to keep an eye out for Little A but will he ask Marissa to adopt his son?

More on David and Greenlee… RUMORS say the pair will hold a private wedding that Erica interrupts. Did David make a deal with Erica Kane that he never intended to honor? Will Erica's interruption derail the wedding or will Luke and I get our wish?  

As we all saw, Colby is giddy with anticipation of Annie’s unraveling now that Greenlee is alive. Adam’s daughter doesn’t think it will hurt if she gives her step-monster the extra push she needs to go over the edge. Will Colby’s plan work or could this Chandler wind up with egg on her face? Scott is not a fan of the games Colby is playing with Annie. Will this bring Annie and Scott closer? RUMOR has it that Annie is somewhat shocked when Scott doesn't ride in for the rescue.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Adam enlists Tad help to track someone down. Who? Greenlee asks for Jake’s help. Does Erica want Greenlee to disappear, again? JR gets worse before he gets better. Erica helps Tad and Jake get what they need to stop David’s blackmail of Angie. Can Angie and Jesse get back on track? Frankie wants to try and help them but his help could cause more problems for the supercouple. Brooke returns to Pine Valley!