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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The performer of the day has got to be Aaron Refvem (Morgan). He started in on Carly about what’s wrong with their family, asked why it keeps falling apart, why everyone quits, and when he started crying, it just broke my heart. Then he said the line about Jax being with his real child and I felt even worse. Michael doesn’t like Jax, so he won’t care if Jax breaks up with Carly. Jocelyn is too young to know what’s going on, but Morgan is stuck in the middle. He's Sonny’s son, but he has been raised primarily by Jax and we can see they have a pretty strong relationship.


I loved the look of guilt on Lante’s faces as they got caught by Steven. I love that a lot of Dante’s lines to Lulu seem as though they’re ad-libbed by Dominic Zamprogna and that Julie Marie Berman seems to genuinely laugh a lot. I loved the look of vulnerability on Dante’s face when he asked Lulu if she was coming back the next day.

I hated Sonny following Lulu home to try and get her to see his side of things. Gee, Lulu why won’t you see that Sonny is really a good man who totally didn’t mean to shoot your boyfriend point blank in the chest. Douchebag. I loved that she told him that Dante is a grown man and not some bouncing baby that he can manipulate.

I’m sort of glad that Olivia is trying to make up with Dante, but at the same time, I think she’s talking out of both sides of her mouth. When Sonny came back in and asked Dante if he was going to pursue him once he’s working for Mac, Dante basically said “ you betcha” and Olivia got this look on her face, like, “how dare he”. She just doesn’t get it.

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As happy as I am for Rebecca Herbst with this pregnancy, I hate that they’ve written it into the story and I just can’t get into it. Both Nik and Lucky are behaving like they want to stake their claim on her and the baby and it’s creeping me out. However, Liz did give me the unintentionally funny line of the day:

Liz: “Pregnant? Me?”

Well, sure. Other than Sonny, you’re the most fertile person in this town!

I loved Mac and Alexis, although I wish they wouldn’t have been interrupted.

I’m not a fan of JaSam’s, but I will admit that they had moments of cuteness today and Molly wasn’t overly annoying in her intentions. They lost some of their cuteness though when he was reading from the gun magazine. That’s not cute, considering what he does for a living.