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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Performer of the Day: For the first 50 minutes of this episode, I couldn’t decide who would get the nod because there were a couple of good choices. Then, Constance Towers (Helena) walked into Liz’s room at Shadybrook and in a brief two minute scene, we had ourselves a winner!


Helena to Liz: “Congratulations on your promiscuity. Certainly seems to be what you do best. How wonderful of you to check yourself into Shadybrook. Half of my work is done for me.”

It just doesn’t get any better than Helena at her psychotic, snarky finest.

Poor Dante. He was certainly getting it from all sides today. Raynor showed up to scream at him despite the fact that Dante did all the work on the case in the first place. He never at any time indicated that he wasn’t going to continue being an upstanding police officer. Michael showed up to ask Dante, the cop, to let good old dad, the criminal, off the hook. Then Morgan showed up and started with the waterworks. He’s the one that I’m sure will get under Dante’s skin the most.

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Stupid line of the day:

“Dante was just doing his job.”

Michael: “So was my dad.”

So Michael, you’re dad’s job is to kill undercover cops now? Michael just angered me so much. Although, I found it interesting that Dante was starting to figure out what really happened to Claudia.

When Liz walked into that room at Shadybrook, did anyone else get sort of creeped out that it’s basically the same room that Laura and Lulu spent time in? Is it weird that Lucky’s mother, sister and now ex-fiancee have all ended up in a mental hospital, no matter how short a period of time?

I was not happy that Scrubs were fighting and I was certainly happy to see them make up at the end. I was also happy to see Robin helping Liz.

Sonny needs to shut it regarding what Olivia needs to do for him. Dante is an adult and if he wants a relationship with his criminal father, then he’ll reach out. Olivia kept the secret for a reason. It's the only decision that I’ve agreed with regarding her, but now Sonny’s trying to guilt her into forgetting that he shot her son.

I liked the Luke/Tracy scene, the Luke/Lucky scene and the Sonny/Luke scene gave me my funny line of the day:

“How did you finally connect with Ethan?”

Luke: “Well, I didn’t shoot him in the chest, for one thing.”