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DC Exclusive: OLTL's Farah Fath Previews Custody Battle For Gigi and "Obsessed" Schuyler

The Morasco Fiasco came to an icy end this past week on One Life to Live as Stacy (Crystal Hunt), the little sister from hell, delivered Fish's (Scott Evans) daughter Sierra Rose before ultimately drowning in a frozen lake. Now the question on everyone's mind is, with Stacy now turned into a stripper-cicle, can OLTL's once-star crossed couple, Rex and Gigi (played by real life lovebirds John Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath) find their way back to one another?


I recently caught up with Fath, at the faboosh party OLTL threw to celebrate moving into their new digs and got the skinny on a possible Rex and Gigi reunion and so much more! I found out what's next for everyone in Llanview whose lives were ripped apart by Stacy's lies. I find out who wants to raise Baby Sierra Rose now that the "truth" is out about the baby's paternity. Does Schuyler (Scott Clifton) even stand a chance with Gigi, since his part in Stacy's monstrous lies have been revealed? Not to hear Fath tell it. In fact, all Sky has to look forward to from the once and future scrappy waitress is one helluva custody battle, which she previews for Daytime Confidential in this revealing interview.

Daytime Confidential: Now that Stacy's lies have been revealed, will viewers see Gigi reuniting with Rex?

Farah Fath: If they do it won't be for a while. She's very much heartbroken by Schuyler and his lies. Rex is definitely there for her through this situation and you can tell they might want to try to work things out.They have a very open, communicative conversation about their future, which is really healthy. They are very honest with each other about the possibility that they may or may not get back together, because they have so much to work on and they both have to start over and work on their trust issues. So far in the scripts they haven't even kissed. It's not like they are jumping back in the saddle together; they're not. They are rebuilding their friendship, which I think is great.

DC: So then what's next for Gigi Morasco?

FF: That's a good question. [Laughs] No more strippers!

DC: And no more blood in bags!

FF: Right! [Laughs] I think we're going to see her all about her family. She's wants nothing more in life to be a good mom, though she sometimes gets distracted by her love life. I hope she does win custody of Sierra Rose, because that is her only blood relative, besides Shane. I mean who knows if her parents are alive or not? That's a subject that might need to be touched on as well. I think for Gigi, 2010 is going to be all about family, being a good mom and rebuilding a connection with Rex.

DC: What's going to happen to Schuyler now that he's broken Gigi's trust? Is there any hope for him and Gigi as a couple?

FF: I don't think so, not at this point. She doesn't trust anything he says anymore. She realizes he knew that Rex wasn't the father before their "I love you's" were exchanged, before they consummated their relationship. he knew the truth all along and she truly believes that he used this lie to keep her and Rex apart. She can't believe that he would ever do that.

DC: Will she have time to deal with her breakup with Sky?

FF: She doesn't have time to dwell on the Schuyler/Gigi breakup, so I like that aspect. She's just solely focused on getting custody of Sierra, and making sure that her niece is taken care of. She doesn't trust Schuyler to do so because of everything that's come to light. So she's very strong with Schuyler and she doesn't really shed any tears as far as that goes. She is heartbroken, but the only tears she has been shedding lately are for the baby and the baby's health.

DC: Speaking of strong women, what is it like working with Erika Slezak, who plays Gigi's mentor Viki?

FF: It's really hard for me to explain, because I've never met anyone like her. She's unbelievable. I mean she doesn't even store her script on set. She's on point everyday. She doesn't even have to glance at her lines! I just don't work like that. I'm scrimmaging through my lines until the countdown. I can't even fathom how prepared she is and she's just amazing in every scene. She's great and the nicest person I know.

DC: Do you have any scenes with Viki coming up?

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FF: Not anymore than we have right now.

DC: You're living at her carriage house; you'd think Gigi would run into Viki more often!

FF: Well, lately its just custody battles, and Viki hasn't been involved. There's only one short scene when they are at the hospital and they interact briefly because of Viki's situation with Jessica, and my situation with Stacy.

DC: So back to this stronger Gigi.

FF: Yes, I really love where she's at right now she's much more worried about taking care of her niece and making sure Sierra gets a proper home and a proper parent. She wants to be a mother to Sierra, but she has a lot a work to do as far as that's concerned legally.

DC: At this point, Gigi doesn't know Fish is the father?

FF: No she doesn't.

DC: So with Gigi going to court against Schuyler, will he be a dog about this whole situation? Is he showing he true colors?

FF: Yeah, they go head-to-head. They battle it out, and he's not backing down. I guess seeing his "baby" makes him realize that he needs to man up. He even has dialogue along the lines of, "I love you Gigi, but I'm going to fight you to the end on this."

DC: Gigi's not trying to share custody?

FF: She has a couple of weaker moments when she thinks, "Okay, well maybe I should back off a little bit and let Schuyler try this a bit," but then in the next scene she's like, "No, no I've got to stay strong. I know I'm going to be the better parent." She stays focused with the help of Rex.

DC: So Schuyler's like, "I'm going to take custody"? he doesn't offer Gigi the chance to be a co-parent either?

FF: He does. They both have moments when they are like, "Maybe we can do this together?" But Gigi's the one that snaps out of it and realizes, "No wait! You've been lying to me for our entire relationship! So no, I'm not going to move in with you. I'm not going to help you raise this baby." Their entire relationship was lies, lies, lies. Schyuler definitely thinks the ideal situation is for Gigi to forgive him and raise the baby together, but Gigi's not having it.

DC: Do you think Gigi is driven partially by revenge against Schuyler for lying, or do you think she just doesn't think he's fit to be a parent?

FF: He's won't be a fit parent. She can see his addict tendencies are starting to come out. She realizes now that his current addiction is her. You'll see when the truth does come out just how obsessed he is with her. I think he's been fairly good at covering, maybe not so much with Rachel. He kinda lets her know how much he really needs Gigi. It almost gets a little scary how he is with Gigi. You can see how much he's addicted to Gigi.