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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


People have got to leave poor Dante alone!


I thought Morgan understood what his father and Jason did for a living. I get that he’s a kid and he just wants everyone to get along and doesn’t want Sonny to go to jail, but he was just so naïve asking Dante to quit being a cop so he can go back to working for Sonny. I was glad Dante told Jason that he would not be going to bat for a mob boss.

Then Carly shows up in Dante’s room and started in with the violins. I don’t know why she wants him to lie for Sonny though. All she has to do is tell him the truth, Michael killed Claudia accidentally and that’s bound to change things for Dante.

I loved the Patrick/Liz scene. It was sweet and well played on both their parts. It’s nice to see someone come to visit her that doesn’t have an agenda. Isn’t it sad that when she asked, “What would you do if Robin cheated on you with your brother?” that my first thought was, “Patrick has a brother?" Seriously, where is Matt these days?

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I did like Elizabeth’s hallucination, where Jason, Nikolas and Lucky all apparently have custody of the boys. Interesting that she would daydream that this baby is a boy as well, and did anyone catch dreamNikolas calling him “Stephan”?

The Douchebag of the Day Award is actually a tie. One goes to Nikolas, who doesn’t give a crap or pay attention to the son he already has, but is already drawing up legal papers to cover his butt for this child. The other goes to Sonny, who thoughtfully explains to Morgan that even though his son Dante did the unthinkable and became an icky police officer, he’ll still continue to love him, because that’s what fathers do. I mean, seriously, could either of them be any worse?

Douchebag line of the day:

“I love Elizabeth and I want her to marry me.”

Of course, what she wants is not factored into that thought.

Is it illegal for Diane to put a witness on the stand who she knows is going to perjure themselves?