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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


I’ve complained, J. Bernard has written an open letter or two, Luke has a clock that tells us how long it’s been since GH has had a new opening… FINALLY they’re updating the opening credits. I’m sure you’ve all seen the news and frankly, I wasn’t even going to mention it but really, how could I not? Congratulations Frons and JFP for pulling yourselves out of the embarrassment that is/was GH’s opening. It’s all in the name of celebrating the show’s 12,000th episode. I’m not sure if I should laugh or not as in the past GH has literally sucked at their celebrations (45th Anniversary anyone?). RUMOR has it we should look for references to 12,000 much like we would see the Emmy pop up in random places. February 23rd is the day peeps, keep an eye out.

How many trust funds does this girl need? I’m a card carrying Elizabeth fan. I have never hidden that fact but I can call a spade when I see one and really writers have you forgotten what you’ve already written? SPOILERS say that Nikolas sets up a trust fund for Elizabeth. Didn’t Jason already do this and make it look like it came from Emily? So as far as anyone is concerned Elizabeth is financially secure, right? Her house is paid for; she’s got plenty of money. I get Nikolas wants to provide for his child – if the baby is his - but can you at least wait until she has the baby before you start throwing money at her? We MAY know who the daddy is sooner than later. Nikolas asks Elizabeth to take a paternity test next week and the expecting momma just might be obliging the Prince.

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Now that Scott Reeves is on contract, what’s his story going to be? I’ve told you he’ll be asking Lisa out on a date and making Patrick a little jealous but is that all they have in store for the Chief of Staff? I sure hope not! RUMOR has it that we MAY get a little Robin – Steven interaction of the flirty kind. Will Steven and Lisa learn that they have a common goal? I’m sorry but IF they go that route, that really doesn’t seem like Steven to me. Steven Lars has always been the good guy and I really don’t see the need to change that. Lisa is SUPPOSED to be on a mission to break Scrubs up and there are RUMORS out there that she MIGHT succeed in landing Patrick in bed. I COULD see Steven being Robin’s shoulder to cry on. With CarJax imploding and IF it sticks, I still say they should give Steven and Carly another shot.

They sent in the kids, then Carly took a crack and now Robin will give it the old college try. I know I already mentioned this but I’ll mention it again. Robin will implore Dante to see the Sonny that she sees, not the Mobster he’s been trying to take down. Her defense of Sonny will be another problem in her marriage as Patrick is not too happy with her defense of the local godfather. Will Robin tell Dante about her and Stone and all that Sonny did to help them both?

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny… better men have tried and failed. What makes you think you’ll be the one to finally take down Sonny Corinthos? Johnny tells Olivia he’s all in with the family biz and it’s up to her if she’s all in with him. Will Olivia cut ties with Johnny or stand by her man? Johnny makes his first move against his former brother –in- law, a hijacked shipment! Ethan provides some much needed distraction while Johnny slips away undetected. Will Jason get proof that Johnny was behind the missing shipment? SPOILER has it that Jason gives Lucky a heads up to deal with Johnny before things get worse. Will Ethan’s involvement in Johnny’s organization pose a problem for Detective Spencer? Luke has some advice for Ethan about teaming up with mobsters.

With Alexis and Diane on the case Sonny is sure to be set free… right? Not if Jax has anything to do about it. Remember, he pulls strings to make sure Claire the high powered prosecutor is at the table opposite the ladies. What will Alexis say to her friend Jax when she figures out he was behind it? Will Jax back down when Alexis asks him to?

RANDOM and CRAZY … Johnny wants to leave Sonny a shell of a man. Is that something Ethan can sign up for? Jason’s preparing to spring Sonny out of the country. Is Ethan ready to go up against Jason Morgan? Does Prosecutor Claire have one up on Jason? Alexis fears she may have made the wrong choice. What is Carly uncovering? Johnny and Olivia will hit the sheets one more time (if you saw the 12,000th episode cast picture with Lisa LoCicero in a robe, they shot a love scene that day) before Olivia tells Johnny she's not interested in the mob life. Is Olivia the one with child? All RUMORS seem to be pointing in her direction. Hmmm..... funny, I've been telling you that the HUGE Cassadine story with Valentine has been pushed back, possibly indefinitely. Guza apparently gave a quote to the same effect. He has "bigger fish to fry" according to the scribe. Lisa give Epiphany some concert tickets. Steven and Lisa find out they both are fans of the country music scene.