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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers


Billy/Jill: The mother and son team decide to investigate Tucker.

Jana: The barrista's in serious trouble when Daisy finds out she was digging into her past with Ryder. Kevin fills Michael and Lauren in on what Jana was up to and asks for their help. He knows his wife wouldn't just up and leave without telling him. Lauren heads to Daisy for an explanation but she pulls the wool over her eyes once again. Later, Kevin runs into Ryder and lets him know if he's harmed Jana in any way he'll have him rubbed out. Ryder does an about face and tells Kevin he wants to help locate Jana. Kevin doesn't believe his sincerity but doesn't let on and decides to have Ryder help since he can monitor him.

Daniel, Amber and Chance all pitch in to help find Mrs. Fisher and Kevin finds out Jana was at the Strand Theatre before she disappeared. Kevin gets pissed since its the only clue to where Jana was last spotted and the trail has gone cold. He offers a reward for Jana and doesn't realize how close she really is. Ryder and Daisy have snatched Jana and have her knocked out in a cage. Jana comes to and screams out for help to no avail. Meanwhile, Ryder and Daisy both have airtight alibis to where they really were but Kevin still thinks they have something to do with his wife's vanishing.

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Sharon: She has to accept the truth.

Phyllis: She and Diane have a showdown.

Adam: Ashley confronts Adam with the purple cloth he claimed was on Victor's bumper the night she "killed' Sabrina. She demands he answer her on why he wanted Ashley to think she ran Sabrina over. Phyllis also steps in and mentions Dr. Taylor's molestation charges, his ex-girlfriend Skye being a victim and him knowing all about it. Sharon witnesses everything going down and watches his reactions. Deep down she's trying piece together if he's lying or being honest with the way he's acting. Adam denies everything and acts as if this was the first time he's heard the allegations against Dr. Taylor. Sharon buys his act and Ashley and Phyllis are hellbent on busting Adam for all the lies he's told. A desperate Adam decides he and Sharon should move out of town and starts to plant the seeds in her mind for them to live abroad.

Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis bring Victor up to speed about Adam's connection to Dr. Taylor while Ashley informs Jack about Adam gas lighting her last year. This latest revelation has Jack and Victor on high alert on trusting Adam. Later, Ashley informs Adam and Sharon she's moving into Brad's old place with Abby and Faith and the newlyweds will have to move elsewhere. Adam thinks Ash's being spiteful with him on what she assumes he did and is taking it out on Sharon. The wild card in the entire situation is Sharon, Adam isn't too sure on what she believes and only knows she's a little doubtful on what both Ashley and Phyllis are accusing him of. Adam pleads with Sharon to move out of town so they can start fresh and away from those who are "lying" on him.