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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


My Performer of the Day has got to go to Constance Towers(Helena) again, although Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) was right up there (that’s right and I’ll get to her in a minute).


I love that Helena’s away for months, heck, years and yet knows the score on everyone in town. She knows how long Liz and Nik have been at it, knows that there’s been a rift between Lucky and Liz and knows that Luke will be happy for Lucky if it turns out this isn’t Lucky’s kid. She just knows.

Lucky: “We don’t know who’s baby this is.”

Helena: “Imagine, Liz and Nikolas, rutting like animals all over Windemere for many months. I don’t think the odds are in your favour.”

Helena to Lucky: “Your love has been dead for a long time.”

I also liked the scene with Luke, although I get tired of Luke threatening to break her neck everytime she comes back to town. Either do it or stop mentioning it already. They do make an interesting, if not icky, pair.

Luke: “Can I make you a drink?”

Helena: “Only if you taste it first.”

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Now onto Olivia. I’ve been hating on her for months, but today she redeemed herself a little. I loved that she gave Carly a good smackdown. I just wish it had been more. I also loved that when Dante started in on her, she reminded him that she was his mother, lies or no lies. I loved that when Sonny started with the ‘woe is me, my son, my son, my son’ routine, that she didn’t back down and basically said, yes if she were to do it all over again, she would. She would tell Dante when he showed up in PC, but she still wouldn’t tell Sonny. Now, if she can maintain her convictions and keep out of Sonny’s bed, I’m good.

Olivia to Dante: “I’m still your mother and I expect your respect and when you get on that witness stand, I hope you respect yourself too.”

The Liz/Lucky scene was rather creepy. She’s begging for forgiveness and he says he does, but then looks like he wants to go and puke in a corner somewhere.

I loved Liz treating Nikolas with total disdain. I’m guessing she won’t say yes when you propose.

Why are Carly and Jason wondering how to deal with Dante, since he’s a cop? Treat him the same way you do Mac and Lucky.

Was that gunfight between Max, Milo and Johnny supposed to be silly? They were about two feet from each other, shooting like maniacs, at nothing and hitting nothing. It was very weird and random.

What a way to end a Friday. Oh no, will Lucky and Maxie survive?