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Wishful Casting Poll: Who in the World Can Fill Amanda Setton's Boots on One Life to Live?

For the first time since I started doing Wishful Castings for Daytime Confidential, I am stumped as to who could possibly fill an exiting actor's shoes, er boots. Amanda Setton has made such an impression as One Life to Live's Kim, that my mind is drawing a blank as to who could readilly take on the role following the talented starlet. Setton, in her mid-twenties, has the chops of actresses at least a decade her senior. If Kim were 10 to 15 years older I would have a handful of names who could quickly assume the role with little problem, names like Wendy Moniz, Tamara BraunorAlicia Minshew, but the sad fact is, there aren't many actresses in Setton's age range who could do the role justice. What do you think?


Who in the world can follow Amanda Setton as Kim Andrews?

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