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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Crazy Annie… is she back in full force? Well that tire iron surely makes us think so. Adam backs off his wife wielding her favorite weapon but will it be Scott who breaks her out of her trance? Do we like Annie and Scott? I still can’t decide. Scott apparently didn’t buy Colby’s denial and Adam isn’t happy with the Chandler brood. Annie wants Adam to name her the new editor in chief of Tempo cause that’s what you should do when your wife is on the verge of going crazy again, your nephew has the hots for said wife and your daughter is helping push her over the edge. Oh you have to love the Chandlers. Explain to me again why Skye is Port Chuck bound? When Brooke comes a knocking on Tuesday, what will she say when Annie tells her the Tempo job has already been filled? Too bad Annie isn’t telling the truth.

How about Adam’s job for Tad? He has Tad out there searching for Sonia Reyes and her son. A son named Miguel who needs to be tested as a possible bone marrow donor for JR. Tad finds Miguel who agrees to have the test done but will only have his sample sent from California. Will we ever see Miguel in Pine Valley? RUMOR has it Miguel (who you can almost bet your bank account will be JR’s half brother) will be a match for the bone marrow transplant. SPOILER has it; Miguel is the result of a one night stand that Adam didn’t know about until many years after the fact.

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Don’t call me Little A anymore! In fear of missing his son’s upcoming birthday, JR and crew decide to celebrate Little A’s sixth birthday early. The Chandler tyke decides he’s getting too old for such a little nickname and he shall now be called AJ.

Ryan and Greenlee… Are they determined to make us like them? Not me! Ryan decides to ease off a bit and just try to make things as comfortable as possible with his former flame. Will the two easily fall back into old habits? Is that just what Ryan planned when he decided to back off? Is this why Greenlee is even more determined to marry David?

Watch out Greenlee… Erica just saw your “memo” booting her butt out of Fusion and she’s not happy. Now more than ever she wants you gone from Pine Valley. Erica Kane has no intention of walking away from Fusion even if it is in designer heels. Will Erica put Jackson in the middle when she tells him she has no plans of letting Greenlee have Fusion back? What about her deal with the devil?

The Devil… uh, I mean David may be busted on his wedding day! Greens realizes something may be up between her soon to be hubby and her worst enemy when Erica interrupts their nuptials. Can’t these two just get married already? David fesses up that he made a deal with Erica to take Fusion from Greenlee but his new plan is to double cross the Diva. Too bad the Diva is listening.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Tad and Adam both are happy to see Brooke is back in Pine Valley. Will Adam give her the job at Tempo? What will they do when Miguel is a no show and JR gets worse? Is Gayle the key to taking down David? What is Erica’s role in this whole Gayle mess? Greenlee and David become Mr. and Mrs.! COULD Annie be a match for JR? Jake hides Gayle and worries Greenlee will see her. Should he worry that Amanda will befriend her? Dixie appears to JR during a “magical trip to heaven.”