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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Bo/Hope: Fancy Face questions Victor about Vivian's plot to kill Melanie, but her father-in-law feigns innocence. Victor tells Hope to focus on Carly since she's the real person who's a threat. Victor offer to have Carly removed from Bo's life, but Hope declines and heads for the hospital. She comes up on Bo and Phillip bickering about Carly. Hope tells Phillip there's no use to argue with Bo about Carly and asks her husband if he's in love with his ex-fiance. Bo doesn't want to get into his feelings for Carly right then, but Hope keeps pressing the issue until he admits he does love Carly. A devastated Hope sucks it up and even offers to help Carly with Vivian. Hope tells Bo know what went on in the basement and about Victor's part Carly's schemes.

Stuart Damon: He's slated to play Gov. Jim Ford and will play a role in Nicole's return in March.

A character who was thought to bite the bullet makes their way back to Salem.

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Carly/Melanie/Daniel: The new Mrs. Kiriakis awakens in the hospital and discovers Carly next to her. Melanie starts to go ballistic, but Daniel soothes her, telling her Carly isn't a threat to her. Carly attempts to explain what happened, and finally tells Melanie the truth. She's her mother. At first Melanie does buy Carly's story. She tells Carly her mother is dead, and demands she leaves her room, but Carly keeps imploring her to believe what she has to say. Carly tells Melanie about the the last time she was with her and the birthmark Melanie has. Melanie realizes Carly isn't lying and is indeed her mother. Carly tells Melanie everything about Lawrence, his death and the feud she and Vivian have, which Melanie blames on herself along with Trent.

Melanie assumes Trent was her father, but Carly informs her that Daniel sired her. Carly also clues Daniel in on his long lost daughter. Apparently the doctors hooked up one night at a medical conference when Carly felt alone and depressed about her marriage to Lawrence. Daniel and Carly both wound up getting drunk and hit the sheets. Afterwards, Carly felt remorseful and let Daniel know she was married before leaving abruptly. When Carly discovered she was pregnant, she never told Daniel about the baby. Daniel is floored and angered by Carly actions, especially considering the upbringing Melanie had to endure. Tis latest revelation, coupled with Chloe's hysterical pregnancy sends Daniel reeling. He goes to see Melanie just as Vivian is there to complete her task of killing her.

EJ/Sami/Rafe: EJ tells Brady to fill Nicole in on Sydney's death. Rafe still thinks the baby girl is alive and heads to Sami's to have a talk when he finds her with EJ. EJ tells him he's at the penthouse to mourn the loss of their daughter and Rafe promises to arrest Sydney's kidnappers. Sami's at a loss as to why Rafe isn't grieving the little girl's death and promptly kicks him out. Later, Sami swings by Rafe's office and walks in on him breaking down over Sydney. Sami figures out Rafe is deeply affected by Sydney's "death". The two then head over to Sami's place for grief sex.

Meanwhile, EJ shows up and lets himself in to Sami's penthouse to discover Rafe and Sami are back together. He's upset his plan to destroy the couple didn't work, and has in fact only made them closer. Sami spots EJ, who lies that he's there to get some stuff for Johnny. Rafe starts to wonder if EJ is hiding something. He begins to question if EJ is trying to get back together with Sami. Still pissed about seeing Sami with Rafe, EJ visits Anna and Sydney. Anna gives EJ a little advice about Sami. She tells him Sami needs to have someone sweep in and become her white knight. EJ formulates a plan, writing a new ransom note explaining Sydney is still alive. When Sami receives the note, she decides to keep mum, since the last time she told Rafe about a ransom note, their plans to get Sydney back went sour. EJ starts to realize he can make Sami see him as the good guy, and make Rafe look like an idiot in the process.