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One Life to Live Spoilers!


It's a new week which means new One Life to Live Spoilers. Don't forget to check out Snoop Dogg performing for the citizens of Llanview on Wed., Feb. 24.

Dorian/Mitch/Kelly/Adriana: Dorian thinks the dust has settled with Mitch and everything can go back to normal. However, Blair warns her not to get too comfortable because Mitch is so unpredictable. As a result, Dorian decides to have a meeting with all her Cramer girls at La Boulaie.  Kelly and Adriana arrive at Dorian's safe and sound, but shortly after the family receives bad news from Andrew. How bad is the news?


Kim/Clint: Kim yells at Nigel until Clint overhears and sets her straight. Clint's anger toward Kim is diminished when she tells him about Stacy drowning. Will Kim finally capture Clint's heart?

Schuyler/Rex/Gigi/Roxy: Gigi is floored to hear Schuyler say he's Sierra Rose's father as the baby is wheeled into surgery. She gets knocked down a few more pegs when Schuyler reveals he's been hiding the truth from her for months. Schuyler proufusely apologizes to Gigi and tells her nothing has to change between them. Gigi rips Schuyler a new one for believing things can be the same between them. She storms off to cool down, leaving Schuyler alone. Schuyler goes to the hospital chapel to pra y for Sierra Rose.

In the meantime, Rex has to tell Shane the real story of everything that happened with Sierra Rose. Once Shane knows the truth, he starts to wonder if his parents will give things another go. After having a talk with Roxy, Rex feels he need to discuss things with Gigi. Are Rex and Gigi on the road to reconciliation?

Natalie/John/Marty: John feels he must make things right with Marty. The couple talks and John tells Marty he loves her. They eventually work all their problems out and share a kiss, which a slightly jealous Natalie sees. Will Natalie break John and Marty up? 

Greg/Rachel/Shaun: Greg and Rachel don't see eye to eye when it comes to Schuyer possibly stealing oxytocin from the hospital. The couple argues about the topic, but ends up agreeing to disagree to keep the peace. However, Rachel can't let the sitaution go and rummages through Schuyler's backpack. She discovers a vial of oxytocin, and is left feeling very confused. Rachel decides the best thing to do is talk to Tea about what to do legally for Schuyler. Tea tells Rachel things could end very badly for Schuyler if he gave Stacy the drug and the baby is suffering because of it. Rachel confronts Schuyler about her discovery and he denies administering the oxytocin to Stacy. Rachel believes her good friend, but knows it will be hard convining people otherwise.

When she isn't worrying about Schuyler, Rachel has to concern herself with Greg's mom. The Evans family has a dinner and aren't very welcoming to Rache, yet are very friendly to Shaun's date, Vivian. Will things get better for Rachel?

Bo/Nora/Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg makes his grand return to Llanview and immediately gets in touch with his old buddy, Bo Buchanan. The two chat it up and Snoop asks Bo, Nora and Matthew to attend his concert. They all agree to come, but Matthew wants to bring Danielle. Nora doesn't like that Matthew is getting close to Todd Manning's daughter, but Bo tells her to lighten up.

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Todd/Tea/Matthew/Danielle: Feeling down about Tea, Todd resorts to making a play for Blair. Blair can see right through Todd, and resists his efforts.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Danielle start kissing and things begin to get out of control. When Danielle wants to take things to the bed, Matthew stops her. He believes if they had sex right then it would be for all the wrong reasons. Later on, when Matthew invites Danielle to go to the Snoop Dogg concert with him, Todd prohibits Danielle from going. Danielle doesn't like this one bit and lets Todd know how she feels about it. After a talk with Tea, Todd agrees to let Danielle go as long as he and Tea can come along and supervise their date. Will Danielle ever open up to Todd?

Langston/Ford/Markko: Ford can't get Langston off his mind. He talks to Cristian about a girl he's smitten with, but won't reveal her name. On the flip side, Langston continues to think about Ford non-stop. He has affected her so much that she volunteers to watch Hope to not have to go to see Snoop Dogg with Markko. Soon, Ford finds out that Langston is home alone and pays her a visit. During Ford's visit to Langston, things start to get hot and heavy between the two and they begin to make love. Their almost love making is interrupted when Markko shows up at the apartment. Langston and Ford quickly separate and make it look like nothing was happening between them to throw Markko off their trail. He believes them but remains weary at their behavior.

Later on, Langston has a bone to pick with Ford once she realizes he purposely went to see her because he knew she was all by herself. Naturally, the heart to heart between Ford and Langston is interrupted because the two begin kissing. How soon will it be before Langston and Ford get caught?

Kyle/Fish: Kyle is horried when Fish says he doesn't want to get a paternity test for Sierra Rose because he believes she would be better off raised by a "normal" straight couple. Are Kyle and Fish headed for trouble?

Jessica/Brody/Cristian: Jessica's memory problems continue when she can't remember who Natalie or Bree are. In order to not scare the life out of little Bree, Jessica pretends she remembers her. A little later, a determined Brody shows Jessica a DVD of their relationship in an attempt to jog her memory of him. The DVD is unsuccessful but Brody has a back up plan. He asks Jessica to kiss him thinking it will be the thing to trigger her memories of him. After they kiss, Jessica still has no clue who Brody is. Defeated, Brody goes back to the drawing board with ideas of how to get Jessica to remember him.

Meanwhile, Jessica has a plan of her own. She invites Cristian over for a visit. He comes over and tries to give her a kiss on the cheek, but Jessica plants a big wet kiss on his lips. It's obvious who Jessica remembers is her love. Has Brody lost his Jessica for good?  

Sneak Peeks at Next Week:

  • Kevin proposes to Kelly
  • Langston and Ford give in to their passion
  • Jessica wants more Cristian in her life
  • Tempers flare for custody of Sierra Rose
  • Danielle sees Todd in a different light