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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Poor, poor Dante. When he’s not busy making sure Jason doesn’t kill him, he’s fending off Sonny’s advances, because that’s totally what it feels like. Sonny is the jilted boy trying so hard to get the girl to like him. This time however, the girl is his adult son, who he shot in the chest, who doesn’t want anything to do with him.


For some reason, Sonny thinks that because Corinthos blood flows in Dante’s veins it means that Dante will forget Sonny is a criminal and they’ll be able to hang out shooting cops together. Dante probably spent his entire childhood wondering who his father was, only to find out that he’s the biggest criminal on the Eastern seaboard.

Dante to Sonny: “I’m honest. You’re not. I follow the law, you break it. I save lives, you kill.”

The fact that Sonny refuses to understand Dante’s point just makes me want to smack him.

I loved Olivia telling Sonny how it is, again. “I will never apologize for keeping my son out of your world of crime and corruption.”

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Jason wins the hypocrite of the day award. He was going on and on to Dante about how he should be grateful to his father. Why? Because they share DNA? Sonny shot him point blank in the chest for the sole purpose of killing him, but now he’s supposed to hang out with him and be his son? Jason, how hard did Alan try to have a relationship with you for all those years, but you wouldn’t give him the time of day? He never shot you either. So, shut it.

I didn’t understand Lulu’s sudden decision that Jason, the criminal, is better than Sonny, the criminal. Jason basically admits that he set up the hit on Dante. Lulu’s answer is, "Well, you wouldn’t have shot him in the chest like Sonny did." No, but he would have made sure the tires on his car blew out so he could go flying over a cliff.

I loved the Lucky/Maxie scene. I find Maxie far more interesting and less irritating when she’s not in scenes with Spinelli.

It was interesting that Johnny showed up at the Haunted Star to let Ethan know that is was his life he saved. It wasn’t necessary since Ethan had no idea who the other shooter was. It looks like Olivia will benefit from Johnny’s new adrenaline high.

Did Liz check into Shadybrook to get some time to herself or to get a parade of visitors? Nikolas, back off already. I do like that she says she won’t hurt Lucky again. Let’s hope she keeps that promise.

Line of the day:

Liz to Nik:
“You already have one kid you pretty much ignore.”

Perkie: "BURN!"