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DC Interview: Gina Tognoni Previews "Something Going On" With Kelly and Todd on OLTL

Move over Blair (Kassie DePaiva). Step off Tea (Florencia Delgado). Kelly Cramer is back and it looks like she's going to be mixing it up with Llanview's dirtiest bad boy, Todd Manning (Trevor St. John)! Daytime Confidential caught up with the real Kelly Cramer, aka Gina Tognoni, who recently reprised her star-making role on One Life to Live, following a lengthy stint as Guiding Light's Dinah Marler.


In between munching on the tasty grub at OLTL's recent Moving Down the Block Party, Tognoni offered DC a sneak peek at Kelly and Todd's upcoming interaction. Could it turn romantic? If not, which other red hot Llanview lust inspirers would Tognoni like to mix it up with? (Dorian) Lord knows there are so many to choice from! And what about her ex-husband Kevin (Dan Gauthier), who's also coming back to town? Will the eldest Buchanan offspring be sticking around to work things out with the woman who bore his son a child? Tognoni also shares her excitement over doing a second season of Crystal Chappell's hit web soap Venice.

Daytime Confidential: What brings Kelly back to Llanview this time around?

Gina Tognoni: Family brings her back to town. I don't want to give it away, but there's a little drama that goes down back in Llanview and there's a bomb that goes off, not literally, a bomb is dropped in her family and days turn into weeks and then she decides to stay in Llanview.

DC: Will she be bringing Zane along with her?

GT: No, Zane at away in boarding school, so he's being taken care of and is okay in London.

DC:Is Kelly still together with Kevin, or are they just co-parenting Zane?

GT: Well, with that relationship, they've tried to make it work so many times and they sort of end up hurting each other. But, they have such a close bond because they are the caretakers of Zane. Kevin does make it back to Llanview for a few days, and we will see whether or not he decides to stay.

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DC: Who will Kelly mix it up with once she's back in Llanview, besides the Cramer girls?

GT: We'll see Kelly mixing it up a little bit with Todd. Also, she's good friends with Jessica. We'll slowly see her open up to other relationships from there.

DC: What's it been like working with Trevor St. John?

GT: He's awesome, he's so great. A good guy, a good actor. I just adore everybody. I tell you, they are such a great group!

DC: What leading man will you be mixing it up with romantically?

GT: [smiles] I don't know yet.

DC: Okay, who would you like Kelly to be paired with?

GT: I tell ya, they are all just so good! I don't know, I feel like there will be something going on with Kelly and Todd and then there maybe some other folks coming in the mix of things. I don't know, that's definitely a question mark.

DC: Come on, if you had your pick, who would you like to see Kelly get down and dirty with?

GT: [laughs] Well there are so many great guys on our show! I like Michael Easton's John McBain. There's Brody and Ford. They are hot right?

DC: Honey, yes they are! Will fans of Venice see more of your character Sami in the future now that Crystal Chappell has said there will be second season?

GT: Yes. I have yet to read a script. I'm sure its going to be great. They are getting ready to begin shooting it, and I'm really excited. I love that folks are letting me know they are watching Venice and Hillary's [B.Smith] is on it too. So I love that.