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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Nice, new opening credits. I like that they have the actor's name as well as the character's name. I was surprised to see Jason Cook (Matt), since we so rarely see him. I was also surprised to see that Haley Pullos (Molly), Aaron Refvem(Morgan) and Megan Ward (Kate) were not in the opening.


Why does everyone think Dante will suddenly turn into Sonny, Junior? Tracy’s logic was that Ethan is exactly like Luke, despite not being raised by him, but Ethan was like that before he showed up in town. He didn’t suddenly turn into a Luke-clone the minute he met his father. Just because Dante now knows who his father is doesn’t mean he’ll stop being the decent, law abiding citizen that he’s always been and turn into a misogynistic Neanderthal douchebag!

While I appreciate Maxie looking out for her friend Lulu, having her show up again to interrogate Dante on whether or not he’s Sonny Lite was a tad hypocritical, since she herself is dating a card carrying member of the mob.

Diane/Alexis: I was confused as to what exactly Diane wanted Alexis to do. I also wondered why Alexis didn’t question the fact that Sonny plans on saying he killed Claudia, which likely will land him in prison, a place he has avoided going his entire life.

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I also didn’t understand why Johnny would let it be known that he’s the one who messed up the shipment. How exactly is he going to undermine SaSon if they know he’s doing it?

I hate this friendship between Lucky and Jason. Sorry, but these two are on opposites sides of the law and should not be giving each other information. It’s like they now want Lucky to play both sides of the fence and I just don’t buy it.

I loved the lie detector test between Lante and the over exaggeration of the "tells" when she asked whether he loved her. They’re always good for a smile.