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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


As much as I’m not a fan of the mob aspect of the show, I must say that Johnny in renegade mode is something that I’m quite fascinated by. His scenes with Michael and his scene with Sam, where he basically lets them know that he despises Sonny and will take him down, were quite wonderful. I just wish he wasn’t completely alone in his quest. Maybe he should recruit Dante, since he’s not happy with Sonny these days either.


Although, the scene with Sam was weird in that she actually summoned him to the penthouse and interrogated him like she was the queen bee or something. She was actually sitting on the couch for the whole thing, while he stood there, like he was awaiting orders from her. It made me wonder what Carly would think if she knew the tiara had been passed onto another woman.

I had to chuckle when I saw Mike. The last we saw of him, he was in some major accident where Sonny had to decide which doctor would save his life. Here he is a few weeks later looking none the worse for wear except for a little bit of a limp, which kind of came and went.

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I liked the Mike/Kristina scene, since we rarely see Mike interacting with his grand kids. I'm not sure how I felt about the heavy handed parallel between Mike/Sonny and Sonny/Kristina. I just want Kristina to continue to hate that her father is a criminal and refuses to change. I don’t want her to become just another mob apologist.

Kiefer continues to be a jerk. He’s basically asking for a second chance with her, but in the same breath, blames her for him being a jerk. “It’s your fault I’m always smacking you around.” She, of course, accepts the apology and is ready for more.

I loved the Kristina/Ethan poker playing scene. It was cute without being too heavy handed. I really hope Sam doesn’t mess that up.

I wasn’t happy with Olivia butting into Jax’s business. Why would she assume that Jax and Claire were having anything but a business meeting, during the day, in a public place. It’s not like she "caught" them in a back booth at Jake’s or something.

I love this Claire and I’m looking forward to her taking on Diane. Let’s hope the court stuff is at least written with a little bit of sense.