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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Nikolas are you trying to prove something? Elizabeth pointed out something the other day that I’ve been saying for a long time, he’s not the world’s greatest dad. Will he surprise Elizabeth with a visit from the boys? It looks like he brings Cam and Jake to see their mom at Shadybrook. After the visit with the boys, Elizabeth tells Nikolas they’ll never be together as a big happy family, even if the kid is his. Too bad for Elizabeth, Lucky admits to her that he doesn’t see a future for them. Liz decides to have the early paternity test, but will Nikolas have a change of heart? Lucky isn’t too keen about the test and SPOILERS say Nikolas just MIGHT change his mind as well. Sorry boys, Lizzie Webber is hell bent on getting the test done and being a single mom.

Goodnight Patrick, Goodnight Robin… I’m sure you all saw the casting news that Michael Learned of The Waltons fame is coming to Port Chuckles for a recurring stint as a cancer patient. What has me perplexed is what Patrick, a top notch neurosurgeon has to do with it. I am most definitely not complaining about a hospital storyline, just that they pigeon hole the doctors into a specialty and then want us to roll with it when they take them clearly out of said specialty. For example, I don’t expect, nor do I want to see Dr. Kelly Lee performing open heart surgery, but if she was a more used character, it sure as hell wouldn’t shock me if she did. Robin’s involvement I understand, as her research in drug therapies could play in however, wouldn’t an oncologist be more suitable to be the other doctor consulting on the case? By the way, her name is Shirley who is said to interact with all the hospital players. Look for her this April!

Jason vs. Johnny & Ethan… I hate to admit it but Ethan is sort of growing on me. It may just be acceptance that he’s here to stay (at least in soap terms that is). Another shootout? You don’t say? It looks like Sonny’s warehouse is the scene of the crime once again and Jason wants answers from Johnny and his new lackey Ethan. Will Jason make a threat against the new duo? You bet! Make another move and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes. Johnny apparently doesn’t scare that easily and is set to make another strike against Sonny. Is Bernie’s office going up in flames? That Johnny Z. has balls! He’s going after Sonny with vengeance and striking while he’s vulnerable. Will he succeed in his latest mission?

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WooHoo… I’m getting my wish, sort of. Dante and Lucky are a “special task force” to stop the mob activity in Port Chuck. I say sort of because Lucky is still working with Jason on the side. When Lucky takes off in pursuit of someone outside of Bernie’s office, he suspects it was Johnny who got away and asks Jason to let him handle it. Now, how can you be on a “special task force” meant to take down the mob when you’re all buddy - buddy with the top mob enforcer on the East Coast and your partner just found out he’s the son of the godfather? Since Ronnie’s involved, maybe he can keep the two in line, maybe? I still think Ronnie’s a little crooked himself.

Claire, Claire, Claire… the only friend you have in town might be Jax and that’s only because he has ulterior motives. Diane and Alexis most definitely will not like you. Dante is supposed to be your witness, yet you’re grilling him as practice? SPOILERS say that Claire wants Dante to question Michael, press him even, to find out exactly what he knows about Claudia’s death. Sonny is not happy when he happens upon Dante questioning Michael.

Speaking of Dante and of course my love of all things Lulu and Dante… Will these two ever hit the sheets? RUMOR has it they definitely give it the old college try, but things just keep getting in their way. Dante is RUMORED to fall asleep one time and Olivia is said to barge in on them another time. These two better do it soon; I’m getting sexually frustrated just watching them!

I’ll tell ya who is doing it… Carly and Jax! Nothing like a roll in the restaurant when your marriage is on the rocks! Yes, I said restaurant. The couple is once again fighting over Carly’s loyalty to Sonny and her need to keep him out of prison. Jax of course, needs nothing more than to see Sonny behind bars once and for all. When Carly makes sure they have the Metro Court restaurant all to themselves, well the two of them just can’t keep their hands off of each other. Is Jax really willing to lose everything over his grudge match with Sonny?

RANDOM and CRAZY… How about crazy grannies like Helena? She’ll be keeping a close eye on the paternity test. Jason wants Luke to keep a leash on his kid. Lisa thinks Patrick is different when Robin is around. Maybe it’s because Patrick has a little too good of a time when you’re around Lisa. Kiefer begs Kristina to give him another shot. When Alexis tells Elizabeth about the trust fund Nikolas set up, she tells Alexis no thanks. Lucky and Johnny at Jake's again? This time Lucky pulls out the mask Johnny was wearing and not his gun. Jason and Sam protect Michael. Lucky doesn’t want to be the daddy. Is Krissy crushing on Ethan?