Should Y&R's Billy Abbott and Phyllis Newman Hook Up?


The Young and the Restless star Billy Miller visited with Our Prattville'sMelissa Parker about his popular womanizing character Billy Abbott.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Which woman would you like to see him with next?

Billy Miller: He’s been paired up with pretty much everyone. I don’t know … he hasn’t hooked up with Phyllis yet.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Some fans really liked Billy and Heather together, but that didn’t seem to last.

Billy Miller: I think that’s just Billy’s character. Billy just likes to hang out with attractive girls … and less clothes.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville):Do you share any similarities with your character?

Billy Miller: Are you trying to ask me if I’m a man whore?

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Well, not necessarily (laughs).

Should Billy Abbott hook up with Phyllis?

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