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Ian Buchanan Remembers "Exciting" and "Wild" Time as GH's Duke Lavery


We Love Soaps'visited with soap vet Ian Buchanan about his time as one of daytime's favorite characters, General Hospital's Duke Lavery.

We Love Soaps: Your three years on GENERAL HOSPITAL were quite intense in terms of your screen time and fan reaction. Duke and Anna were a fan phenomenon. What was it like for you, as someone who had moved so much, to suddenly be in the center of this storm?

Ian Buchanan: I don’t think I fully understood it. Even now I don’t. I didn’t really enjoy the attention. I remember doing some of the appearances and it was so overwhelming. It was a little too much for where I was at in my own mind, in my own development. I was always very curious about people, looking at people, watching people, and then that starts. Then you’re only trying to get people not to look at you, that was my focus. It was exciting, it was wild. The workload was intense, but I loved it. Finola and I would get on a redeye on a Friday, go some place to do an appearance on a Saturday, and fly back.

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